Import and Export Regulations

Import and Export Regulations

There is no content below this headline as of now on The only stories linked to this keyword are about international trade issues, but there is no coherent focus to them. For the most part, these stories are not about import and export regulations, and there’s already another landing page about US trade.  

Perhaps we can reframe this topic in a more focused way – say, US TRADE AGREEMENTS – or INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS AND TRADE DISPUTES [related to then, such as articles about anti-dumping disputes, and specific provisions governing such issues as labor and environmental rights in various free-trade agreements]


US import tariffs on Chinese goods have dominated the headlines of late, and for good reason, but they may be distracting from other pressing matters for US-based firms engaged in international trade.

News & Analysis

21 Oct 2019
Recently imposed tariffs, a persistent oversupply of vessels, and evolving shipper requirements are redrawing traditional trade lanes for multipurpose and heavy-lift (MPV/HL) carriers.
Trans-Pacific westbound spot rate plunge set to deepen
22 Aug 2019
Spot rates in the westbound Pacific took a sizable drop this month due to declining US exports to Asia, which are resulting in especially low vessel utilization rates. The normal strong rebound, which should begin in November, could be muted as a result.
15 Jul 2019
A bill introduced in Congress addresses two key complaints among cargo owners and transportation providers regarding the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program: murky benefits for onerous program requirements and concerns over backlash if suspended or expelled.
10 May 2019
US imports of goods that left China prior to Friday’s increase of tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent may be able to enter the country at the lower duty rate under certain circumstances.
Turloch Mooney, senior editor, global ports, JOC
11 Apr 2019
Turloch Mooney, senior editor, global ports, JO
05 Mar 2019
Last year's decline in US container exports, especially those bound for Asia, has continued into the early part of this year as the US-China trade war lingers and outbound rail costs rise.
US Customs and Border Protection headquarters, Washington, DC.
16 Jan 2019
Nuisances are popping up that irk port authorities and customs brokers.
Brexit negotiations
16 Jan 2019
However, even planning for no deal is not a straightforward matter.
Dover port, United Kingdom
10 Jan 2019
With little over two months to go, there is still no sign of a deal between the United Kingdom and European Union.
US CBP Washington.
04 Jan 2019
Delays may occur if paperwork is flagged by a federal agency in which staffers are furloughed.
31 Dec 2018
In 2019, as in 2018, the US trade community will face multiple uncertainties generated by the Trump administration’s often unpredictable trade policy.
US CBP agent inspecting peppers at Red Hook Terminal, New York.
05 Dec 2018
Following complaints from at least 10 port members, the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) urged Customs to provide its reasoning for focusing on often “expensive, overbuilt” facilities — the resources for which the AAPA says can be better-allocated.
Port of Los Angeles.
03 Dec 2018
There are still more unknowns than knowns about the US-China tariff ‘truce,’ but this is clear: the extra time until March 1 helps shippers by giving them a longer time cushion before higher tariffs could potentially start.