US Customs Regulations

12 Dec 2017
Wilmington is the first to be able to accept goods that are still midway through the refrigeration process.
17 Oct 2017
Express couriers each day handle thousands of e-commerce shipments.
07 Aug 2017
The US administration under President Donald Trump may have generated shockwaves elsewhere, but little has changed when it comes to Customs cargo clearance.
29 Jun 2017
This week’s mess was the latest pain point for users exasperated with the transition to the Automated Commercial Environment.
03 Apr 2017
The project is tied to CBP's still-incomplete Automated Commercial Environment.
15 Feb 2017
Strong trade compliance protocols and abilities are critical to success in e-commerce.
14 Feb 2017
Members of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism account for over 54 percent, by value, of what is imported into the United States.
12 Jan 2017
US Customs and Border Protection has indefinitely postponed the rollout of several more functions of its troubled new electronic filing system.
06 Dec 2016
Bipartisan legislation would make it easier for US Customs and Border Protection to partner with private companies or entities to fund infrastructure improvements at US border crossings and ports of entry.
21 Oct 2016
The 2016 US presidential election has been fraught with divisive discourse and reality television-style drama, but the top two leading candidates appear to actually agree when it comes to matters of transportation infrastructure and trade.
Perishables shipped by Crowley Maritime will be able to more quickly access additional markets via a new pilot progam.
14 Oct 2016
Crowley Maritime’s customs brokerage subsidiary will participate in a pilot program at Miami International Airport for ocean-to-air transshipment of perishables.
29 Sep 2016
A national freight forwarder and customs brokers trade group is urging federal officials to clarify regulations that would increase the value threshold of goods that are exempt from paying duty from $200 to $800, and to tighten the scrutiny of duty-free goods as they come in to prevent abuses of the rule change.
US Customs and Border Protection has given the Advanced Qualified Unlading Approval pilot program a thumbs up.
23 Sep 2016
US importers stand to see faster clearance of their containers as Customs and Border Protection expands a pilot providing pre-clearance of shipments from four ports to every port in the country.
As shippers grapple with container lines, terminals and others to secure their Hanjin Cargo, they may also have to make changes to US Customs documentation.
07 Sep 2016
US Customs and Border Protection is the second US federal agency to issue guidance to shippers and other industry stakeholders after the shipping giant filed for court receivership in Korea and later applied for Chapter 15 bankruptcy in the United States last week.
03 Aug 2016
Shippers and government agencies are still experiencing growing pains as they adjust to the new system.
20 Jul 2016
A recently re-enacted law will offer some U.S. importers tariff reductions.
A lack of resources means Customs inspections like this one, pictured, are fewer and slower than they ought to be.
11 Jul 2016
Limited resources continue to make life difficult for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
07 Jul 2016
A league of U.S. lawmakers are not content with the roughly 4 percent of import containers screened under the current system.
17 Jun 2016
The shortfall of Customs officers now rivals Transportation Security Administration screener shortages at American airports, lawmakers said.
31 May 2016
The second filing deadline for U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s new electronic filing system came and went this past weekend.
26 May 2016
Even after U.S. Customs said it was able to remedy the glitches that riddled the initial rollout of the Automated Commercial Environment, or ACE, in early April, "outages" and "network issues" have routinely been reported via the agency's Cargo Systems Messaging Service.
13 May 2016
The Obama administration is looking to the private sector to meet a long-delayed 100 percent scanning mandate.
08 Apr 2016
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says that while it is safeguarding against a redux of the “fumbled” initial rollout of its new electronic filing system, it cannot “100-percent guarantee” users won’t face the same glitches and network errors when the remainder of system filers are onboarded later this summer.
05 Apr 2016
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the glitches that riddled the initial rollout of its new electronic filing system over the past week are resolved and it’s safeguarding for when the remainder of system filers are onboarded this summer.
04 Apr 2016
The Thursday rollout of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s ACE “single window” for filing experienced few problems until Friday, when the long-delayed initiative frustrated brokers and shippers with network errors and system-wide crashes.
31 Mar 2016
The first of many deadlines in the rollout of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s ACE “single window” initiative came and went Thursday without any major hiccups.