Genesee & Wyoming

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. is a major owner of short line and regional railroads in North America with significant operations in Australia and a presence in Europe as well.

For much of its history, Genesee & Wyoming was a 14-mile railroad serving a single customer in western New York, hauling salt from the mine in Retsof, N.Y., south of Rochester. A holding company, Genesee & Wyoming Industries, was formed in 1977, and the existing railroad company was merged into it. After deregulation of the U.S. railroad industry by the Staggers Act, G&W acquired a number of U.S. lines, including trackage spun off by CSX Transportation in western Pennsylvania and New York and operated by G&W’s Rochester & Southern and Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroads. The company changed its name to Genesee & Wyoming Inc. and went public in June 1996. Subsequent acquisitions have expanded the company’s reach to Europe and Australia, where in 2009 it acquired the 1,400-mile Tarcoola-Darwin line. In 2012, G&W purchased competitor RailAmerica in 2012, adding significantly to its short line and regional railroad holdings.