Mexico – inland haulage/weight restrictions 2015

Mexico – inland haulage/weight restrictions 2015

Jul 22, 2015

Hapag-Lloyd informs about the weight restrictions in Mexico.

The Mexican Ministry of Transport has published in the Official Gazette the new “Gross Weight and Dimensions Regulation” (NOM-012-SCT-2-2014), applicable as of January 15, 2015. This regulation establishes the co-responsibility of the user/customer contracting transport services for damages arising as result of non compliance or exceeding the weight and/or dimensions allowed.

Therefore, it is extremely important that weight and dimensions declared in a booking, would be the same to be transported and fully comply with weight and/or dimensions allowed, since the contracting party will be the one responsible to pay any civil, legal and administrative penalties as result of lack of compliance to this regulation.

In addition, it is important to mention that the user/customer requiring the use of roads under category B or C (non-toll roads), for arrival or departure to/from the facility (production plant or logistic centers), is responsible to obtain the official connectivity authorization from the Ministry of Transport as mentioned on the paragraph 6. 4 (connectivity).

For your reference, please find the following link to the official Mexican Ministry of Transport regulation on connectivity.

Based on the above and in order to ensure compliance with the regulations, as from January 15, 2015, the maximum cargo weight allowed (includes cargo and packing/lashing material), is as follows (per container):

A. Truck Mexican Territory except Ensenada

Full/Tandem:   Container 20', 40' and RF : 23 tons (cargo)
Single (*):        Container 20'/40': 26 tons (cargo)
                          Container RF: 23 tons (cargo)

B. Truck Area Ensenada

Full/Tandem:   Container 20', 40' and RF: 21 tons (cargo)
Single (*):        Container 20', 40' and RF: 23 tons (cargo)

(*) Single movement is subject to:

  1. Truck equipment availability in single basis (one truck and one platform or chassis)
  2. Additional surcharge of 25% over inland rate

C. Combined Rail (rail and truck local delivery)

Container 20': 23 tons (cargo)
Container 40': 26 tons (cargo)

  • Rail companies might accept higher cargo weight in 20' containers (without exceeding the container payload) but subject to a 25%  surcharge over the inland rate. This surcharge only applies to Ferromex and Ferrosur.
  • Same weight can be considered on local delivery from rail ramp to the final destination as long as the location is within the metropolitan area and does not exceed 30 km distance from the rail ramp, otherwise same criteria as item “A” must be considered.

This is a federal regulation, applicable within the Mexican Territory for both, rail and road transportation.