Broad But Shallow Increase in US Intermodal Prices

Broad But Shallow Increase in US Intermodal Prices

U.S. intermodal rates rose broadly although marginally across multiple lanes last week, according to weekly data on all-inclusive 53-foot door to door spot pricing provided by the 3PL IDS. Higher fuel surcharges due to diesel increases in each of the past four weeks help explain the increases, IDS said.

IDS Intermodal Rate Index for East-to-West Rates, through Feb. 11, 2013.

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Rates on all four directional indices — east-west, west-east, north-south, and south-north — saw increases during the week of Feb. 11. The east-west index climbed $16 or 0.9 percent to $1,797. West-east rates climbed $52 or 2.2 percent to $2,469. North-to-south rates were up $19 or 0.9 percent to $1,990, and south-to-north lanes were up $11 or 0.7 percent to $1,760, IDS reported.

“Diesel prices have been holding steady or decreasing up until the last four weeks where we’ve seen it jump every week,” said IDS EVP Rick LaGore. “The diesel finally hit a point where it took us up a notch on the various fuel surcharge matrixes.”

West-east rates remained $855 below where they stood in October, and east-west rates were $247 below where they were in October. North-south rates were $233 above their October level, and south-north rates were 295 above their October level.

Rates showed small increases across a broad range of lanes this week. Atlanta-Dallas was $1,670, up from $1,655 last week. Atlanta-Seattle was $2,825, up from $2,805. Chicago-Dallas was $2,300, up from $2,280, and Chicago-Denver was $2,630, up from $2,595 the prior week.

Los Angeles-Chicago shot up to $2,295 from $2,165 the prior week, and LA-New Jersey was $3,490, up from $3,465 the previous week.