Predictions, Anyone?

Predictions, Anyone?

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In the April 30 editorial, reminiscent of forecasts made in Traffic World''s 60th anniversary issue in 1967 by Cliff O''Hara, Fred Nye and Karl Ruppenthal, brought to mind the judgment by transportation''s regulatory dean, Joseph B. Eastman, about Traffic World editorials:

"? anything which could overcome the acid condition resulting from a reading of editorials in the Traffic World is worth a good trial. My present remedy ? is to avoid it by neglecting to read the editorials."

See Latham, Earl: "The Politics of Railroad Coordination," p. 154 (Columbia, 1959).

I had the good fortune to know and work with all three of your 1967 prognosticators. Your 100th anniversary issue was a special edition, not in combination with regular issues as in bygone years. This 100-year edition to a great extent is a eulogy to the Traffic World staff, living and dead, without many predictions.

O tempora, O mores. What''s in store for the future?

Gordon P. MacDougall