Port of Virginia

Port of Virginia

Established in 1952, the Virginia Port Authority owns and operates the Port of Virginia, comprising three marine terminals: Norfolk International Terminals, Portsmouth Marine Terminal and Newport News Marine Terminal, as well as the Virginia Inland Port, an inland intermodal facility located in Front Royal. A subsidiary, Virginia International Terminals was incorporated in 1981 to operate the terminals owned by VPA.

Its deepwater harbor, the deepest on the US East Coast, shelters the world’s largest naval base; a robust shipbuilding and repair industry; a thriving export coal trade and the sixth largest containerized cargo complex in the United States. The port offers 50-foot channels, inbound and outbound, and is the only US East Coast port with Congressional authorization to dredge to 55 feet.

Nearly 30 international shipping lines offer direct, dedicated service to and from Virginia, with connections to more than 200 countries around the world. In an average week, dozens of international container ships; breakbulk, and roll-on/roll-off vessels are serviced at its marine terminals.

Two Class I railroads, CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern, serve the Port via on-dock intermodal container transfer facilities at Virginia International Gateway and Norfolk International Terminals. The service is augmented by short line rail partners, including the Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line and the Commonwealth Railway.

07 Jan 2020
Ports in Florida and Virginia will receive $1.6 million in federal grants to bolster barge services designed to improve freight delivery times and alleviate traffic congestion on roadways.
14 Nov 2019
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam unveiled an international trade plan to boost exports by 50 percent in the next 15 years, a key initiative since laden exports fell between January and August for the second consecutive year.
15 Oct 2019
The first step in dredging the harbor in Norfolk will begin in January 2020, kickstarting a project that will make the Port of Virginia the deepest harbor on the East Coast.
06 Sep 2019
Ports in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are expected to reopen this weekend with relatively normal operations, while the Port of Halifax waits to see how much of an impact Dorian will have there.
05 Sep 2019
Hurricane Dorian is causing flooding, high winds, and tornadoes in the Carolinas and is expected to impact southeast Virginia Friday and southeast Massachusetts Saturday.
23 Aug 2019
The Port of Virginia will shift more vessel calls to the Virginia International Gateway (VIG) terminal so shippers using rail can receive their cargo faster.
14 Aug 2019
The containerized shipping industry was able to convince the US Trade Representative to take cranes and containers off a list of tariffs going into effect on Sept. 1 and Dec. 15.
05 Aug 2019
Shawn Tibbetts, who joined the Port of Virginia in 2003 and oversaw the implementation of a truck appointment system at the Virginia International Gateway and the rollout of Navis N4 at VIG this year, is leaving the port later this month to join a real estate investment trust.
18 Jun 2019
Marine industry leaders testified before the Section 301 Committee to lobby against a 25 percent tariff on shipping containers and ship-to-shore cranes, repeating many of the arguments made a year ago about the business fallouts.
13 Jun 2019
The US Department of Transportation is accepting grant applications for $292.7 million in funding dedicated to port infrastructure development.
10 Jun 2019
The new expanded intermodal rail yard has reopened at the Port of Virginia, doubling capacity for CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern. The port says this means quicker transfers from ships to trains.
10 Apr 2019
Virginia Port Authority CEO John Reinhart says the port could see multiple mega-ships calling at once by 2020, as carriers move away from smaller vessels under the IMO’s low-sulfur fuel rules.
04 Apr 2019
Virginia port truck drivers sent a letter last week asking operators to pay higher rates when Norfolk-area terminals are congested, but trucking companies say they already do.
28 Feb 2019
The Port of Virginia has officially placed 13 new container stacks online while also receiving clearance to increase its imports and exports of reefer containers.
11 Jan 2019
Sponsored: Ship-to-shore cranes for Virginia International Gateway arrived at the start of January 2019, and the The Port of Virginia is preparing for completion of the terminal expansion by June and 30 percent through Norfolk International Terminal improvements, says The Port of Virginia Chief Operating Officer Shawn Tibbetts. He discussed the complexities of rail investment and navigating challenges of integrating a new reservation system.
Trucks at a port.
20 Dec 2018
A reservation system is one tool to improve fluidity, according to port officials, but the trucking community believes restricting access is a step in the wrong direction.
Virginia International Gateway.
10 Dec 2018
Virginia officials are working through teething problems — including unused booked appointments — as the port strives to boost fluidity.
Chassis near a port.
04 Dec 2018
The port authorities involved believe the current total is good enough for now, but how long that remains the case, and what action they would take moving forward, depends on several factors.
Fruit at a market.
30 Nov 2018
Market share remains in the single digits —both as a percentage of overall reefer imports and exports in the US and overall volumes within the individual ports — but the port authorities of Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia say the US Department of Agriculture clearance will open the door to even more business opportunities.
Port of Wilmington, North Carolina.
21 Sep 2018
Flooding continued to disrupt traffic through the region, with severe problems east of Route 95. The area west of Route 95, however, had returned to relative normality Friday.
Wilmington, North Carolina.
18 Sep 2018
The biggest disruption is for truckers traveling Interstate 95 through the Carolinas. Flooding has shut down most of I-95 in North Carolina, except for a nine-mile stretch.
Hurricane Florence.
13 Sep 2018
The hurricane headed for the Carolinas as of Thursday, with the ports of Savannah and Virginia having reduced exposure.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States.
10 Sep 2018
Whether shippers moving goods through the US Southeast and Mid-Atlantic see delays and elevated truck rates for days or for weeks largely hinges on exactly where Hurricane Florence makes landfall and with how big of a wallop.
Appalachian Regional Port.
07 Sep 2018
An axiom argues, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and there’s no better example of that than what tight North American truck capacity has prompted.
The Port of Virginia at sunset.
31 May 2018
The Port of Virginia has scored a major victory to deepen its harbor to 55 feet and make the location one of the most attractive on the US East Coast for beneficial cargo owners.
Port of Virginia.
22 May 2018
The Port of Virginia has been experiencing glitches with its new Navis N4 software in the Virginia International Gateway terminal. Fortunately, there has not been a major disruption for beneficial cargo owners but it is creating an inconvenience for truckers.
13 May 2018
Sponsored: Port of Virginia CEO John Reinhart on expectations for new technologies, the importance of building in resilience, the agreement with Georgia Ports Authority, and launch of a new terminal reservation system.
port of Savannah.
18 Apr 2018
US Southeast ports are expanding inland, giving beneficial cargo owners in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and other areas an intermodal opportunity to avoid the long, expensive dray to a port city — a significant option in a capacity-short US truck transport market.
Truckers protesting at Virginia International Gateway.
27 Mar 2018
Truckers in Norfolk protest the persistent delays at the Virginia International Gateway terminal. For shippers, these multiple hour turns can slow the delivery of their containers and add a layer of unpredictability to their supply chain. The Port of Virginia says be patient, things will be getting better soon.
12 Mar 2018
The depth of 55 feet would make Virginia the deepest harbor on the US East Coast.
Port of Norfolk.
09 Mar 2018
If the partnership between the ports of Virginia and Georgia works as port officials hope, shippers will see a smoother, more efficient process for moving cargo through the ports, potentially boosting the incentive to use them, rather than others, along the coast.
Port of Los Angeles.
09 Feb 2018
After a substantial gain in 2017, retailers are forecasting another increase in US container import volume in 2018, as container lines and beneficial cargo owners prepare for annual trans-Pacific rate and service contract negotiations.
Rail-mounted gantry cranes arrive at the Port of Virginia.
01 Feb 2018
Virginia is the latest US port to introduce appointment systems for truckers as marine terminals try to better handle the import surges caused by mega-ship calls.
28 Jan 2018
Sponsored: In fiscal 2017, The Port of Virginia grabbed the No. 1 rail port spot for the East Coast. Executive Director John Reinhart and Chief Operating Officer Shawn Tibbetts discuss plans to increase rail capacity and expedite freight flow, detailing construction projects and equipment improvements under way.
23 Jan 2018
The Trump administration announced the tariffs Monday in response to complaints from US-based manufacturers that foreign competition was unfairly flooding the US market with cheap imports.