South Carolina Ports Authority taps cloud-based billing service

South Carolina Ports Authority taps cloud-based billing service

May 18, 2015

Billing Platform is excited to announce that they will be supporting South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA), one of the nations leading port organizations. Billing Platform will be responsible for providing a cloud application that streamlines and modernizes their billing operations to promote efficient revenue recognition in a dynamic and evolving environment.

Established in 1942 by the South Carolina General Assembly, SCPA promotes, develops and facilitates the harbors and seaports within the state of South Carolina. Today, the South Carolina Ports Authority operates the state's vital seaport assets in Charleston, Georgetown and Greer, a $45 billion-a-year economic engine generating hundreds of thousands of jobs in the state and beyond.

Billing Platform is honored to be working with such an iconic figure in American economic history. The Billing Platform application will be tasked with integrating with various ERP and yard management systems to support a diverse suite of vessel and container services in real-time. The solution will be configurable to automate complex charge routing and invoice delivery processes to ensure that the right charges get to the right people, as fast as possible.

Barry Sturmer, General Manager Financial Systems at SCPA, was initially "seeking to replace numerous home grown billing applications and processes with a single solution," he felt that "Billing Platform fills that need by allowing us to rate and bill any type of service." In the beginning he was attracted to the application's look and feel and the team's ability to demo the solution quickly, with data and concepts pertinent to his business. He decided to go with Billing Platform because of the solution's flexibility, extensibility, and the cooperation from the Billing Platform team. Barry Sturmer states:

"The solution allows us to do more than just meet our billing needs. We need to replace some business processes that precede and feed billing. Billing Platform allows us to incorporate those processes into the application. That leads to extensibility. By that I mean that we can extend the delivered application by creating new data entities and add unlimited additional fields to delivered entities, without writing code."

The platform allows SCPA to customize their data model quickly and easily in response to business demand. All system customizations for SCPA are implemented independent of core system functions, allowing for seamless upgrades and cross-environment portability.

Barry goes on "As for cooperation, that has been present from the initial demo, through the RFP and proof of concept, and now into the implementation. We have some very demanding requirements and Billing Platform's people have been exceptionally cooperative in helping us to deliver on those demands.

"In addition, I feel we can do whatever we need to do in Billing Platform to meet our billing requirements. Billing for us is ever changing and requires rapid changes often times before the next billing cycle. Billing Platform provides the flexibility and simplicity to allow nimble and rapid response to our business and customer needs."

Billing Platform CEO, Nathan Shinn, States:

"We are excited about our new relationship with SCPA and we look forward to sharing in the synergy of systems and processes that SCPA will experience on our platform. The opportunity to deliver new and transformative technology in this established industry is a landmark for us as it creates an interesting fusion of history and Technology that brings decades of tried and true services and operations into the new world of configurable, enterprise cloud."