Port of Santos


Although Santos is the largest container port in Latin America, it ranks only 42nd on the JOC list of Top 50 Container ports (using 2017 data). More than 40 percent of Brazil’s containers are handled by the Port of Santos, as well as about one-third its of trade, including its vast hinterland that includes the state of Paraná, and 60 percent of Brazil’s GDP. For those reasons, efficient Santos is crucial to the success of companies affiliated to Fiesp and also the Confederation of National Industries of Brazil.

Brazil's largest container port has opened several new terminals in the last few years. Growth resumed in 2017 after a contraction in 2016 due to the worst recession in the country's history. In 2018 Brazil’s busiest container port handled 4.3 million TEUs, compared with 3.85 million TEUs in 2017.

Shippers and ocean carriers using Santos have been complaining about congestion and labor disputes at the port, and about the politicization and the time-consuming bureaucracy of the Port Authority for Santos, known as CODESP (Companhia Docas do Estado do São Paulo). Many argue “regionalization” might help solve problems, including a lack of dredging to issues such as improved/expanded infrastructure.

Various business groups including the Federation of Industries for the state of São Paulo (Fiesp), the most powerful shipper group in Brazil, back the effort to privatize port management, aiming to cut inefficiencies and alleged corruption. 

In an effort to boost such efforts at modernizing Santos, Brazil’s President-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, is putting together a government team and declaring various policy goals and options, including the privatization of all the port authorities.

28 Jun 2021
Refrigerated containers have become so scarce on the north–south North America–Latin America trade that shippers are signing guaranteed volume contracts with carriers, who in some cases are canceling spot cargo bookings because they cannot provide the equipment.
12 Oct 2017
Santos Brasil’s plan to sell two terminals will cost it its title as South America’s largest container terminal operator.
05 Oct 2017
“The expectation is that the work on the short-term solution will begin later this year.”
22 Sep 2017
The Port of Santos may have to close for lengthy periods to lift some of the missing containers from the seabed.
12 Sep 2017
“Today only between 2 and 3 percent of throughput at the port of Santos goes via rail.”
25 Aug 2017
The Brazilian government has established a working group to explore the privatization of dredging operations and set a 90-day deadline.
17 Aug 2017
Log-In Logistica is reeling following the loss of 47 containers into the sea and a decline in volumes in the second quarter.
11 Aug 2017
The new depth is still shy of the original draft.
04 Aug 2017
The situation is so acute at Santos that it has grabbed the attention of the highest levels of the federal government in the capital of Brasilia.
02 Aug 2017
Shipping lines and shippers are apoplectic.
21 Jul 2017
The key Brazilian port of Santos’ efforts to bounce back from draft restrictions were set back this week.
21 Jul 2017
The market share gains came even as Brazilian coffee exports fell.
12 Jul 2017
Neither Codesp, nor CPSP could say when the full draft would be restored.
05 Jul 2017
The draft restrictions are particularly problematic for Santos because of the seemingly ceaseless upsizing of tonnage taking place on the east coast of South America.
03 Jul 2017
Carriers can lose up to 16 hours as vessels wait to be refueled.
26 Jun 2017
The Cape Sounio is the largest vessel in the Israeli ocean carrier’s fleet.
08 Jun 2017
While port operations are largely normal, cross-border trucking is still heavily impacted.
31 May 2017
DP World will soon take control of the 1.3-million-TEU capacity Embraport terminal.
21 May 2017
Labor actions have already caused delays at Santo marine terminals by putting thousands of containers in limbo because they can't be cleared.
17 May 2017
Although vessels of more than 9,000 TEU have called at Santos, they have not been as long as the Hyundai Loyalty.
16 May 2017
Shippers in Brazil are facing cargo delays at all the main ports Tuesday and Wednesday.
28 Apr 2017
The strike hit Santos with “paralysis and dislocations.”
27 Apr 2017
“Every port will be on strike.”
19 Apr 2017
Brazilian President Michel Temer is following through on a promise to privatize Brazilian port authorities.
04 Apr 2017
The parking lot should be up and running by some time in 2019.
30 Mar 2017
Hong Kong, China, Egypt, and Chile have modified their all-out ban of Brazilian beef exports to focus only on rejecting shipments from 21 packing plants.
15 Mar 2017
The gains came despite draft restrictions and strikes by customs officers and stevedores.
10 Mar 2017
Global marine terminal operator DP World is set to deepen its involvement in Brazil’s port sector.
17 Feb 2017
Two new services are giving fresh life to Libra Terminais.
23 Jan 2017
Private marine terminal operators in Brazil will benefit from two changes likely to become law.
18 Jan 2017
The dispute – over pay, pensions, and working conditions – began in July 2016.
09 Jan 2017
Drug smugglers are using new techniques to hide contraband among legal cargo at the port of Santos.
06 Jan 2017
Shippers using the port of Santos are grappling with delays after an explosion on Thursday afternoon.
23 Dec 2016
Shippers have seen cargo delays and higher storage fees, thanks to six months of labor actions.
20 Dec 2016
The return of coastal services to the Embraport terminal in the port of Santos gives a much-needed Yuletide boost to the ailing facility.
14 Dec 2016
Debt restructuring at a Santos container terminal that now relies on breakbulk cargo paves the way to a concession extension.