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Read news and analysis on the Panama Canal, including discussions of development and reports on tolls and traffic, including ocean carrier strategies involving use of the Panama Canal for all-water service from Asia to the US East Coast.


Canals used to be a sleepy topic. Suddenly, times have changed.

News & Analysis

09 Nov 2017
A long-shot proposal has been floated to build a railroad that supporters say could make it quicker and cheaper to move cargo by land between Mexico’s Pacific and Gulf coasts than the Panama Canal.
10 Oct 2017
Japan’s exporters appear to be steadily reducing their reliance on the Suez Canal to reach markets in North and South America.
23 Aug 2017
The Panama Canal has the same number of weekly loops as it did before its expansion.
08 Aug 2017
The toll changes will be the first since the canal opened new locks in June 2016.
27 Jul 2017
The opening of the new locks in June 2016 shifted the competitive advantage back to the Panama Canal.