Pacific Maritime Association

The Pacific Maritime Association represents employers at ports and container terminals on the U.S. West Coast. It is responsible for negotiating labor contracts with the International Longshore and Warehous Union, which represents longshoremen at West Coast ports. The East Coast counterpart of the PMA is the United States Maritime Alliance, or USMX.

25 Aug 2017
Six container ships, an auto carrier, and a cruise ship are due to be worked on Saturday.
24 Aug 2017
Arbitrator hearing to be held Wednesday involving ILWU picket line at Pasha terminal, where newly organized supervisors are negotiating a contract.
10 Aug 2017
Will the vote be remembered as a narrow, ultimately inconsequential act, or a turning point premised on a message to the union leadership that something needs to change?
05 Aug 2017
ILWU three-year contract extension is now official
28 Jul 2017
The subject of a contract extension was first raised in March 2015 at the JOC’s annual TPM Conference.
01 May 2017
Extending the ILWU contract into 2022 would guarantee BCOs labor peace on the West Coast for the next five years.
28 Apr 2017
ILWU caucus Friday votes to take PMA proposal for a contract extension to a vote by the rank and file.
10 Mar 2017
Employers and ILWU representatives discussed a contract extension most recently in early March.
23 Jan 2017
Waterfront employers and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union are moving aggressively to ensure there will be enough dockworkers to handle cargo in the largest US port complex.