Advertorial: The How and Why of Pop-Up Supply Chains

Advertorial: The How and Why of Pop-Up Supply Chains

Seasonal peaks, new product launches, planned outages and overflow storage needs present unique challenges, but also require changes that may only last as long as the particular circumstance. In these instances, implementing a "pop-up" supply chain an often be the best solution, providing flexibility to quickly adapt and react to changes in costs, consumer demands and unexpected circumstances. Mike Caruso, MIQ's senior director of contract logistics, explains the distinctive advantages of utilizing a pop-up supply chain, as well as the process of execution, best practices and questions to ask to determine if this solution is right for your situation, and worth the time and resources required for set-up.

Speaker: Mike Caruso, Senior Director of Contract Logistics, MIQ Logistics
Moderator: Alessandra G. Barrett, Special Projects Editor

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