Net-hunting Drawback

Net-hunting Drawback

Copyright 2002, Traffic World Magazine

You did a wonderful job of explaining the growth and change in online job boards ("Career Advancement," June 10 & June 17). They have certainly matured and most definitely provide a needed and important service.

You also did a wonderful job of touching on some of the struggles inherent in any online search. There is one drawback that wasn't mentioned, however, and I feel it is very important. It is something that I deal with every day.

The only people who will apply for a job via the Internet are those who are actively looking. To say it another way, there is an implied dissatisfaction with the individual applicant's current situation if they are applying online. Using only the Internet for advertisement leaves the hiring company in a position where they must choose from the best folks who are looking, not necessarily the best folks for the job. The best person for the job is quite often working merrily away at the competitor, doing the exact thing that the hiring company needs someone to do.

Thanks for continuing the Traffic World trend of providing good, dispassionate articles on career development.

Jeffrey L. Mitten

Vice President

Woodmoor Group Inc.

Monument, Colo.