More Cocktail Parties

More Cocktail Parties

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As a transportation trade association manager for the past 36 years, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on the action of the National Industrial Transportation League's board of directors to extend full membership to carriers.

Like most inbreeding, it is reasonable to predict that this fanciful copulation will produce results wherein the negative outweighs the positive.

On the plus side, there can be little doubt that there will be an enviable increase in the number of cocktail parties, lamb chops and sponsored tee times at NITL events. I can easily envision Ed Emmett funding his entire administrative budget by "auctioning off" hospitality. More power to him.

Conversely, one can envision the down side as demonstrated in the following scenario:

NITL shipper Jones visits Senator X to lobby for assistance in a matter of legislative importance to the league. Next in the senator's door is NITL carrier Smith who says, "Well, I pay dues to the same organization, and I disagree with their position."

Senator X, not wishing to alienate either friend and/or supporter, will commence to do whatever is needed to avoid voting on the bill in the first place.

Ba-da-bing. Ba-da-boom.

Clifford Harvison


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