A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

Copyright 2004, Traffic World, Inc.

I read with interest Traffic World''s article (July 26, "Ready to Pounce?") regarding UPS''s potential purchase of a major LTL carrier.

It seems to me the LTLs are doing just fine. They are common carriers and will be glad to move any loads UPS gives them. Or UPS could buy one and maybe break even. They are very efficient operations. UPS would be very hard pressed to move what they move at a lower cost.

Let''s actually think about what would make freight transportation more efficient. There are way too many trucks on the road.

I do not think the trucking industry understands how much the voting public hates big trucks. We drive to work every day. The trucks are in the way. They are also intimidating. They like to change lanes at will; their drivers don''t seem to care if your car happens to be right where they move their truck.

So why not put more freight on the rails? Can''t do it now. If the people who are currently running the railroads tried to spit on the ground, they would miss.

UPS and FedEx know how to move freight. Each company should buy one Western and one Eastern Class 1 railroad.

Gee! Real rail competition.

Don Kuntz

MacKay & Company