Build your brand with display advertising in the magazine considered an “industry essential” by the logistic and supply chain professional, The Journal of Commerce. Since 1827, The Journal of Commerce has been the most trusted source of intelligence for international logistics executives to help them plan global supply chains and better manage day-to-day transportation of goods and commodities in the United States and internationally. This information is delivered through news, analysis, case studies, and perspective pieces.

Distributed bi-weekly to nearly 14,000 paid subscribers, The Journal of Commerce’s target audience is comprised of nearly 50% Shippers as well as nearly 30% Logistics Services. Align your marketing campaigns with our related content for optimal results.

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Advertising Specifications:

Publication’s Trim Size:  8” X 10-7/8” (203mm X 275mm)
Type or Page Size:  Space is available in the following units: 

Page (non bleed)7” - 178mm10” - 254mm
2/3 page (vertical)4-5/8” - 117mm10” - 254mm
½ page (horizontal)7” - 178mm4-7/8” - 124mm
½ page (island)4-5/8” - 117mm7-3/8” - 187mm
1/3 page (vertical)1/3 page (vertical)2-1/8” - 54mm
1/3 page (horizontal)7” - 178mm3- 3/8” - 86mm

Number of Columns to Page:   3 columns
Column Width:   2-1/8”   (54mm)
Column Depth:   10”   (254mm)




Display & Classified Rates:                                       

B/W AD Size  
2 Page Spread  $13,606 $12,850$11,842 
Full Page    
$7,160 $6,764 
2/3 Page     
$6,300$5,954$5,490 $4,480
1/2 Page Island 
$4,866 $4,600   
1/2 Page   
$3,938 $3,726 $3,434 $2,798  
1/3 Page 
$3,366$3,182$2,930 $2,388


Color (add to B/W rate)

Two color     
Matched or Special Color 
Four Color    

Classified Rates

Open Rate (per inch) $250

Legal Rate (per inch) $450

Half Inch          $175

Notices            $450



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