JOC Event Sponsorship presents your company as a thought leader. By supporting the JOC Events, our sponsors are helping to make our conferences a valuable and memorable networking and learning experience for their customers and colleagues. Not only are sponsorships a great way to get your company name and sales message in front of the attendees in a powerful and unique ways (webcasts, roundtables, session sponsorships for example), sponsorship dollars help pay for special events that are included throughout the event.

Sponsorship offers organizations:

  • Exposure - Alignment of your brand with The Journal of Commerce, the leading media, events, publications and websites in the transportation and logistics industry
  • Profile - Benefit from the extensive range of marketing and PR carried out before, during and post event, all incorporating your brand
  • Leadership - Support a Breakout Session and underline your expertise and leadership in an area of core competency
  • Engagement - Generate new business leads and build on established ones with direct access to established industry leaders and emerging personnel