Digital Edition

Digital Edition

The JOC Digital Edition is a bi-weekly online publication that includes all the content from the Journal of Commerce print magazine, with additional functionality and branding opportunities.

Every two weeks, we distribute to an audience of North American & international logistics professionals, comprised of nearly 14,000 paid subscribers. The open rates for the JOC Digital Edition are just under 30%, with an average click rate over 5%.

Use your advertisement in the JOC Digital Edition to:

  • Drive qualified traffic to your website through ad clicks
  • Include an audio or video message
  • Conduct a survey

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JOC Group Marketing Services Media Kit!

Let the JOC Group Marketing Services team help you to put together a campaign that fits your marketing needs:

Tony Stein
p: 770-295-8809

Cindy Cronin
Strategic Account Manger
p: 954-551-8305
Midwest, Gulf, PNW & Canada

Zach Gorman
Account Executive
p: 973-776-7820
North East, CA & MN

Ria Van den Bogaert
Sales Representative
p: +32 2 569 8905
Europe & Middle East

Bon Kwok
Sales Representative
p: +852 31707373

Michihiro Kawahara
Sales Representative
p: +81-90-6927-7457