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Advertising space in downtown Moscow

Ref No. 005422 Filed: 02-27-92

Office space available in Moscow

Ref No. 005423 Filed: 02-27-92

Seeking distributors for H2O purifiers

Ref No. 005427 Filed: 02-27-92

New Europe-new strategy for trading

Ref No. 005432 Filed: 02-28-92

Seeking distributors for visual translator

Ref No. 005444 Filed: 02-28-92

Assistance to enter the Euro market

Ref No. 005448 Filed: 02-28-92

Trading partners needed

Ref No. 005479 Filed: 03-01-92

Multimillion deals in Russia

Ref No. 005467 Filed: 02-29-92

Seeking agents for

panel/tube connector system

Ref No. 005409 Filed: 02-27-92

Joint ventures in Jordan

Ref No. 005502 Filed: 03-02-92

Nasbite 1992

international trade conference

Ref No. 005508 Filed: 03-02-92

Need a U.S. customhouse broker?

Ref No. 005509 Filed: 03-02-92

U.S. immigration/business development

Ref No. 005512 Filed: 03-02-92

International air cargo conference

in Orlando

Ref No. 005521 Filed: 03-02-92

Conference for world traders

Ref No. 005528 Filed: 03-02-92

New on market Walk Mate

Ref No. 005531 Filed: 03-03-92

Seeking representation for

electronic waterless toilet

Ref No. 005532 Filed: 03-03-92

Joint venture pharmaceuticals

Ref No. 005536 Filed: 03-03-92

Seeking international rent-a-car tie-up

Ref No. 005543 Filed: 03-03-92

Seeking distributors for golf product

Ref No. 005570 Filed: 03-03-92

Offices for rent

Ref No. 005586 Filed: 03-04-92

Protection against ultraviolet-radiation

Ref No. 005590 Filed: 03-04-92

Financial support needed

Ref No. 005599 Filed: 03-04-92

Educational building services

Ref No. 005612 Filed: 03-04-92

Real estate management in

New York/New Jersey

Ref No. 005638 Filed: 03-04-92

Seeking manufacturer to

make private-label fax machines

Ref No. 005547 Filed: 03-03-92

Seeking contacts in France?

Ref No. 005605 Filed: 03-04-92

Seeking partner for T-shirt factory

Ref No. 005622 Filed: 03-04-92

Seeking international brokers

Ref No. 005484 Filed: 03-02-92

Seeking distributors for men's jeans

Ref No. 005551 Filed: 03-03-92

Foreign report distributors wanted

Ref No. 005568 Filed: 03-03-92

Seeking distributors for jeans

Ref No. 005624 Filed: 03-04-92