15 Aug 2017
Niche carriers either greatly overperform or dramatically underperform the top 16 carriers.
15 Aug 2017
Trade between Charleston and the United Kingdom is growing faster than trade between the United States and the United Kingdom as a whole.
06 Aug 2017
The strong US dollar underpins strong growth in the westbound trade, but exports stagnate.
05 Aug 2017
The trans-Atlantic trade remains an oasis of calm, but political threats and opportunities could shake up the trade.
12 Jun 2017
Freight rates are soaring.
10 May 2017
Weco, formerly known as Nordana Lines, exited the Americas-Mediterranean trade in March.
05 May 2017
“These underlying volumes offer great opportunities to other shippers who can utilize our steady westbound capacity.”
25 Apr 2017
Although the alliance changes that reshuffled carrier alliances from four to three took effect April 1, the impact is only slowly emerging on routes across the globe.
24 Apr 2017
The upside is that spot freight rates likely will stabilize.
20 Apr 2017
Mobile officials had been seeking a North Europe service.
10 Apr 2017
Jakarta and the US West Coast have been linked by a new direct service offered by the Ocean Alliance and operated by CMA CGM.
24 Feb 2017
Eimskip says more acquisitions are on the way in 2017.