The intra-Asia trade extends from Japan and China to Myanmar and Indonesia. Home to some of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world, intra-Asia trade is expected to continue strong because of the high level of manufacturing activity of goods for export, and the strong demand by the Asian middle class for imported goods made not just in North America and Europe, but from other countries in Asia.

For example, as reported by the JOC, Vietnam is China’s biggest trading partner in Southeast Asia, and trade between the two countries has been steadily growing over the recent years,” Naresh Potty, chief commercial officer of MCC told the JOC. “With direct connections and competitive transit times, shippers from China and Vietnam can reach their markets within a week.”

Known as the NV1 service, shippers can expect their cargo to reach Haiphong within five days from Ningbo, and eight days from Qingdao with two sailings a week. It will follow a butterfly loop with the port rotation of Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Shanghai. Likewise, Taiwan’s Yang Ming Line has launched its China-Vietnam Express service, called CVX, operated jointly MCC Transport and TS Lines, using four 1,000 TEU ships.  


09 Oct 2019
As manufacturing continues to shift from China to countries in Southeast Asia, the diversification of sourcing will result in an increase in trade flows and greater need for logistics support, speakers at the JOC TPM Asia Conference said.
13 Sep 2019
The larger container ships global carriers are starting to deploy in intra-Asia trades are putting pressure on specialist feeder lines already dealing with bad weather, port congestion, and shifting trade patterns.
09 Sep 2019
India’s Concor takes another step to keep pace with the global push for one-stop logistics shopping.
18 Jan 2018
Two joint, weekly intra-Asia routes — connecting major ports on India's east and west coasts — are scheduled to start from Shanghai, China, at the end of this month.
15 Dec 2017
The intra-Asia trade continues to grow, attracting new services from carriers in the region.