Yildirim Group

Port of Gulfport.
04 Apr 2018
Yilport, which signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mississippi State Port Authority in February, is promising to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the state’s Port of Gulfport, which it says has the potential to feed volume, particularly refrigerated goods, between Gulfport and Yilport terminals in Ecuador and Peru.
06 Jul 2017
Yildirim’s CMA CGM stake is now valued by banks at between $2.5 billion and $3 billion.
Puerto Bolivar, pictured, would get $320 million in investment in the first phase of its transformation into the largest container terminal in Latin America. Credit: Jose Rodolfo.
09 Aug 2016
A Turkish port operator is determined to transform an Ecuadorian port into the largest container terminal in Latin America.
05 Aug 2016
The pool of potential buyers of Sepetiba Tecon outside Rio de Janeiro has shrunk from five to three.
26 Apr 2016
Yildirim Holding is mulling investment in U.S. ports as the Turkish transport and industrial conglomerate pursues its bid to become a top 10 global terminal operator.
23 Feb 2016
Yilport Holding has finalized the acquisition of Tertir, a Portugal-based port and logistics group with container and bulk terminals in Europe and South America.
09 Oct 2015
CMA CGM today confirmed it is in talks with the Yildirim Group over the sale of the Turkish conglomerate’s 24 percent stake in the French ocean carrier.
30 Sep 2015
Yilport Holding, the leading Turkish port operator, has reached agreement to take over Tertir, a Portuguese port and logistics company, with terminals in Europe and Latin America.
CMA CGM Christophe Colomb.
12 Feb 2013
CMA CGM announced today it has finalized a debt restructuring agreement with its banks that will stabilize its financial position and ease the way to an initial public offering of the world’s third-largest ocean container carrier.
20 Dec 2012
Port operator Yildirim has acquired RotaPort, a port in Korfez, Turkey, located about 80 kilometers (about 50 miles) from Istanbul.
16 Oct 2012
The French government’s long-expected decision to invest in CMA CGM will give the French carrier access to much-needed capital funds at a time when it is trying to restructure more than $5 billion of debt with some 75 bank creditors.
16 Oct 2012
France’s state investment fund Fonds Strategique d’Investissement will subscribe to CMA CGM bonds redeemable in shares for $150 million in return for a 6 percent stake in the France-based container shipping company...
05 Oct 2012
Turkey’s Yildirim Holding has acquired a 54 percent stake in Gemport, a container terminal on the southeast coast of the Marmara Sea near the capital, Istanbul.
04 Oct 2012
CMA CGM is in advanced negotiations for a $150 million cash injection by France’s state investment fund in return for a 6 percent stake in the French ocean container carrier, according to media
23 Jul 2012
Is this the time to invest in the maritime business? Yildirim Group thinks so.