World Shipping Council

04 Feb 2015
With new international ballast water regulations set to go into full force this year, the need for new and universal water treatment technology is more necessary than ever before, said World Shipping Council President Chris Koch.
26 Jan 2015
A European Commission proposal calling for carriers and forwarders to identify the buyers and sellers of imported goods in their customs filings has been slammed by the World Shipping Council (WSC).
12 Nov 2013
In a few years, the container shipping industry will face staggeringly high fuel costs when a U.N. rule is implemented ending the shipping industry’s current use of...
17 Oct 2012
The World Shipping Council today named Damian Viccars as its newest Brussels Representative...
29 Jun 2012
The Federal Maritime Commission’s proposal to create a container rate index for agricultural exports would violate the Ocean Shipping Reform Act’s confidentiality provisions and should be
18 Jun 2012
Container line, labor and terminal operator groups, along with the Danish, Dutch and U.S.
12 Dec 2011
International ocean carrier and port groups are urging the International Maritime Organization to adopt a rule that would require containers to be weighed before being loaded.