Matson Navigation Company, Inc., is a Pacific shipping company that provides services to the islands of Hawaii, Guam, and Micronesia, as well as expedited services from China to Southern California. Founded by William Matson in 1882, the Honolulu, Hawaii-based ocean carrier operates a fleet of 18 vessels, with a total carrying capacity of 31,118 TEUs as of Aug. 15, 2014, according to Alphaliner, and a total container transport volume of 236,700 TEUs in 2013. The company employs 1,036 individuals and recorded 2013 revenues of $1.6 billion — up 4.9 percent year-over-year. Its 2013 net income was $100.3 million, up 3.7 percent from the previous year’s profit of $96.7 million.

Matson Navigation Company, Inc., is a subsidiary of Matson Inc., as well as a parent company to Matson Logistics Inc. and Matson Terminals Inc.

Matson was the 25th-ranked container carrier in U.S containerized import trade in 2013, with volume of 108,410 TEUs, down 7.7 percent year-over-year, giving it market share of 0.6 percent. It was No. 31 in U.S. containerized export trade in 2013, with volume of 56,874 TEUs, up 2.1 percent year-over-year and market share of 0.4 percent. For more carrier rankings see the JOC’s Top 40 Container Carriers special topic.

09 Aug 2019
Premium freight rates charged on Matson’s expedited China service contributed to positive liner results in the second quarter that were offset by declines in its domestic services and higher terminal operating costs.
28 Feb 2019
With shippers already pushing back on low-sulfur fuel fees, tough annual contract talks lie ahead as carrier reliability on the trans-Pacific drops to new lows in January.
26 Feb 2019
Matson CEO Matt Cox says additional costs associated with the IMO's 2020 low-sulfur fuel rules are quickly becoming the defining factor in annual trans-Pacific contract negotiations.
Matson Navigation.
21 Feb 2018
Matson said its core businesses performed well during the fourth quarter, supported by strong demand for the carrier’s China service and higher lift volumes at the company’s SSAT.
Matson container ship
08 Feb 2018
Consumers in Puerto Rico actually benefit from lower freight rates in the efficient Jones Act services that are marked by dedicated vessels and terminals, versus foreign-flag services to other Caribbean islands, Matson CEO Matt Cox said.