Hapag-Lloyd Hamburg Express


With a fleet of more than 220 modern container ships and a total transport capacity of roughly 1.6 million TEUs, Hapag-Lloyd is one of the world's leading container lines with about 12,000 employees and nearly 400 offices in more than 125 countries worldwide. Hapag-Lloyd’s containerized capacity of about 2.6 million TEUs, and includes one of the largest and most modern fleets of refrigerated storage ships.

Hapag-Lloyd’s 2017 merger with United Arab Shipping, then the world’s 18th largest container shipping company, added 53 vessels to Hapag-Lloyd’s fleet, and an additional capacity of about 400,000 TEUs, most notably for its service between the Middle East (Dubai) and the Indian subcontinent. Its wide range of containerized services cover a broad range of trade lanes for shippers involved in Atlantic Trade, Trans-Pacific Trade, and Europe-Asia trades.

13 Jun 2022
HMM will provide North America shippers with a way to book spot container freight by the end of 2022, joining its peers in THE Alliance.
08 Jun 2022
Container line Hapag-Lloyd has settled with the Federal Maritime Commission over improperly charging detention to a California drayage carrier in mid-2021, a bellwether case in the long-running issue of free time fee assessments.
23 May 2022
Major carriers are skipping port calls and changing around schedules for services into Canada and the US East Coast amid high congestion and vessel delays.
17 May 2022
Hapag-Lloyd's sensor initiative is aimed at maximizing the use of its container fleet in an environment where global port congestion has reduced the number of turns each box makes on an annual basis.
12 May 2022
With elevated contract rates already locked in, Hapag-Lloyd says a deteriorating spot market will not be enough to prevent another year of record profitability for the carrier.
04 May 2022
Hapag-Lloyd’s investment in container tracking hardware has visibility providers hoping to capitalize on better container location data to feed to their shipper customers.
29 Apr 2022
Hapag-Lloyd's move to equip its entire box fleet with sensors could herald a new era that unlocks new tools beyond mere visibility for carriers, even if tracking devices aren’t a cure-all for shipper supply chain woes.
27 Apr 2022
Hapag-Lloyd has started a new Mediterranean service into the Port of Virginia that will also offer trans-continental intermodal service to the West Coast.
26 Apr 2022
Hapag-Lloyd is betting customers will eventually demand that all its containers be trackable by sensors, leading it to commit to equipping its fleet of 3 million dry boxes starting next year.
25 Apr 2022
Seven ocean carriers blocked empty container returns to New York-New Jersey marine terminals last week as import volumes swell due to West Coast freight diversions.
22 Apr 2022
The ruling against Hapag-Lloyd could well be a bellwether for future actions against shipping lines relating to what shippers and drayage providers consider unfair assessment of demurrage and detention fees.
15 Apr 2022
Ocean carriers say they have swept more of the empty containers that have plagued truckers who have had to make extra trips further away from ports to store the boxes.
25 Mar 2022
Ocean carriers are stepping up efforts to sweep up empty containers that are congesting ports on the US West and East coasts ahead of an expected surge of new imports.
22 Mar 2022
The Federal Maritime Commission is adding the availability of export capacity to its ongoing scrutiny of how ocean carriers are operating in the US.
22 Mar 2022
Already elevated fuel prices are increasing across freight transport modes in the wake of oil market volatility related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, shifting shippers' focus back to costs after two years in which speed of delivery has been paramount.
15 Feb 2022
THE Alliance will split a “pendulum” service that swings from Asia to Europe and the US West Coast, with Hapag-Lloyd saying it could respond to demand more easily by adding vessels to two new services rather than through one existing service.
10 Jan 2022
With no sign of relief in the high rate-low value container shipping environment, shippers on the major trades will be hoping the newfound prosperity being enjoyed by carriers results in a vast improvement in service levels.
07 Jan 2022
Global 3PLs are facing competition from digitally oriented forwarders and vertically integrated container lines and terminal operators.
07 Jan 2022
After 18 months of chaotic supply chains, cargo owners are searching for stability as they look ahead into 2022.
03 Jan 2022
The trans-Atlantic trade will report significant volume growth in 2021 as heavy US demand fills all available capacity and pushes rates to record levels.
03 Dec 2021
Liner carriers find themselves in the unusual position of having cash to both repay debt and invest in a range of ways, from new ships to technology to strategic acquisitions.
10 Nov 2021
The Federal Maritime Commission is probing whether Hapag-Lloyd violated the US Shipping Act by charging detention on empty containers that could not be returned to marine terminals.
01 Nov 2021
Hapag-Lloyd said its 2021 operating profit will be as much as $4 billion higher than previously forecast due to the large gains in freight rates.
22 Oct 2021
International air freight and last-mile delivery saw the fastest revenue growth in the transportation sector last year, while industrial transportation suffered.
07 Sep 2021
When ships sit outside ports and containers are not picked up and returned quickly, that loss of effective capacity causes record spot rates, high demurrage and detention costs, and lengthening transit times.
27 Jul 2021
The reopening of the US and European economies after last year’s COVID-19 lockdowns spurred a resurgence in the trans-Atlantic container trade as business activity in two of the world’s largest economies showed better than expected growth in May, with increases concentrated at US ports that have undergone major expansions.
25 Jun 2021
Hapag-Lloyd’s North American president said shippers face the prospect of elevated rates through 2022 as the ability of all ocean and motor carriers to inject additional capacity is at its limit.
24 Jun 2021
TradeLens has followed expansion into China with full integrations of Hapag-Lloyd and Ocean Network Express, meaning the platform now has five of the world’s top six container lines.
14 Jun 2021
Trans-Pacific carriers are expected to follow their June 1 general rate increase with another on June 15 as huge demand for space and increasing costs for equipment and trucking at Asian load ports continue unfettered.
11 Jun 2021
Hapag-Lloyd is making extra efforts to ease the burden on New York and New Jersey drayage drivers handling an unprecedented number of empty containers that have accumulated in the port.
17 May 2021
Hapag-Lloyd has announced three ad-hoc sailings between the Indian Subcontinent and the US East Coast in May and June to feed a resurgent market for US imports from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
04 May 2021
Hapag-Lloyd said truckers in the port of New York and New Jersey will be able to start dropping off empties at a new container yard and that it is working to sweep up empties that have built up at marine terminals there amid the US import surge.
23 Mar 2021
Hapag-Lloyd hopes capital markets will underwrite its transition to a low-carbon future with plans to market its first “green bond,” with the new debt used in part to purchase ships that run on alternative fuels.
25 Feb 2021
With the deployment of LNG-powered ships in the trans-Pacific trade, CMA CGM is banking on North American shippers taking greater interest in the carbon output of their supply chains in the coming years.
24 Feb 2021
Container carriers that deployed extra loaders and those that provided express services in the resurgent Asia-US trade saw the largest volume gains in 2020
23 Dec 2020
Unprecedented trans-Pacific volumes and steadily growing exports of petrochemicals, agricultural products, and resins have prompted members of THE Alliance to launch a new direct service between Asia and the US Gulf.