Deutsche Afrika-Linien

Deutsche Afrika-Linien is a liner shipping company operating with a focus on Africa. Established in 1924 by John Theodor Essberger, the Hamburg, Germany-based company is privately held and managed by the third generation of the  Essberger/von Rantzau family. The shipping company employs a staff of approximately 1,200 worldwide and has an annual turnover of around $350 million.

Deutsche Afrika-Linien offers 10 service routes that cover points in Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, the Indian Ocean Islands, North America, South America, and the Caribbean. The company operates 4 ships with a total capacity of 21,658 TEUs, as well as a network of 113 regional agencies.

Deutsche Afrika-Linien is part of the Deutsche Afrika-Linien/John T. Essberger Group of Companies. The Group comprises Deutsche Afrika-Linien, the traditional liner services to southern Africa, as well as the DAL service to the islands of the Indian Ocean and the group’s tramp shipping and ship management activities.