CKYHE Alliance

The CKYHE Alliance was a former vessel sharing alliance consisting of Cosco Container Lines, "K" Line, Yang Ming Line, Hanjin Shipping, and Evergreen Line. The CKYHE Alliance will cease to operate in 2017 as a result of consolidation in the container shipping industry. Evergreen Line joined the Ocean Alliance along with Cosco, which merged with China Shipping Container Lines in 2015.

06 Sep 2016
A federal judge Tuesday granted Hanjin Shipping temporary bankruptcy protection, giving US importers awaiting cargo on ships anchored outside US ports hope they will get their goods soon.
06 Sep 2016
Four Hanjin vessels remain anchored outside North American Pacific coast ports awaiting decision by bankruptcy court.
06 Sep 2016
Nearly 100 companies are working to either recover expenses from Hanjin Shipping or retrieve stranded cargo via US bankruptcy courts, while electronic giants HP and Samsung are taking a different track by supporting the Korean carrier’s Chapter 15 filing in the hopes it will speed up the release of cargo.
The Hanjin Miami, pictured, is one of the many Hanjin Shipping vessels avoiding port calls to prevent arrest by creditors. Credit: Leon Oort
06 Sep 2016
A Hanjin Shipping container ship is anchored off the Port of New York and New Jersey.
06 Sep 2016
An emergency response team from the Busan port authority estimates Hanjin Shipping has 530,000 containers in transit worldwide.
The Hanjin Hamburg, pictured, which has been detained in China, is just one of nearly 50 Hanjin Shipping vessels that have strayed from their typical deployments.
06 Sep 2016
More than half of Hanjin Shipping's fleet is displaying behavior that deviates from normal shipping schedules.
05 Sep 2016
The Asia-Mediterranean trade is suddenly 150,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units lighter after Hanjin Shipping's collapse.
04 Sep 2016
Hanjin Shipping's collapse is having a heavy impact on South Korea's busiest container port.
Hanjin Shipping vessels around the world face arrest if the company is unable to secure the necessary legal protections to bar creditors from seizing their assets.
04 Sep 2016
As of Friday, three Hanjin ships were waiting to call the Los Angeles and Long Beach port complex, according to Marine Exchange of Southern California. 
03 Sep 2016
Details are emerging on how much US ports and marine terminals are charging shippers to release stranded Hanjin Shipping containers.
03 Sep 2016
Maersk Line brought some clarity to fears that all the vessels in Hanjin Shipping’s fleet faced arrest by creditors.
02 Sep 2016
The US Federal Maritime Commission has provided a template for requests to the regulatory agency for assistance with problems arising from the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy.
02 Sep 2016
Shipowners seeking to recoup losses from Hanjin Shipping are taking aim at the liner’s customers through lawsuits.
Hyundai Merchant Marine will cooperate with a government emergency response team formed to cope with the fallout of Hanjin Shipping's bankruptcy.
01 Sep 2016
Hyundai Merchant Marine plans to help shield South Korean shippers and its logistics sectors from the repercussions of Hanjin Shipping entering receivership.
01 Sep 2016
Shippers woke Thursday to a nightmare scenario.
01 Sep 2016
A merger between Hanjin and HMM now seems to have the backing of the state.
31 Aug 2016
Some North American marine terminals have refused to work Hanjin Shipping vessels for fear they will not be compensated.
31 Aug 2016
Sharp spot rate increases could take effect as soon as Thursday.
Being in the red for four of the last five years has caught up to Hanjin Shipping.
31 Aug 2016
Debt-stricken Hanjin Shipping will file for court protection after losing the support of its banks unhappy with its restructuring efforts.
30 Aug 2016
Few things spook shippers more than the potential for a ship to be arrested in port, something Hanjin has reportedly faced and may see more of as creditors come collecting.
30 Aug 2016
A merger of Hanjin and HMM is in the national interest, believes the Korea Shipowners Association.
30 Aug 2016
The Korea Exchange has asked the country’s largest carrier for clarification on media reports that it has lost the support of South Korean banks.
The cash from Korean Air Lines is separate from an earlier announced plan to raise liquidity at Hanjin Shipping.
26 Aug 2016
Korean Air Lines is swooping in to support Hanjin Shipping.
Hanjin Shipping has until Sept. 4 to meet the conditions set by its creditors, and the South Korean government has expressed reluctance to bail out the struggling container line.
25 Aug 2016
Hanjin Shipping on Thursday submitted its plan to boost liquidity to the Korea Development Bank.
Hanjin Shipping has not been as fortunate in its liquidity crisis as compatriot Hyundai Merchant Marine, which reached an agreement with creditors in June.
23 Aug 2016
Hanjin Shipping will submit a plan to raise liquidity to its largest creditor, the Korea Development Bank, on Thursday.
16 Aug 2016
Hanjin Shipping, the biggest of South Korea’s shipping outfits, swung to a loss in the second quarter.
10 Aug 2016
The head of South Korea's financial watchdog on Wednesday said Hanjin Shipping should prepare for receivership, if it can’t reach an agreement with creditors and tonnage providers.
26 Jul 2016
Hanjin Shipping confirmed it remains in negotiations with tonnage providers for lower rates, but wouldn't say much else.
News that the recently merged China Cosco Shipping would honor existing contracts until the Ocean Alliance takes effect follow industry rumors of mass shipper desertions from the company's constituent carriers, Cosco Container Lines and China Shipping Container Lines
19 Jul 2016
China Cosco Shipping says all its shipper contracts are safe until the new Ocean Alliance kicks off next year.
HMM will be part of 2M from April 2017, and although container lines hope to have a smooth roll-out of the two new alliances, forwarders are not so sure and are planning accordingly.
15 Jul 2016
HMM joining the 2M Alliance has pushed carrier management to the top of the forwarder agenda.
27 Apr 2016
The new Ocean Alliance will have the largest market shares of critical east-west trades.
27 Apr 2016
The CKYHE Alliance members have announced that they will stick together a while longer.
25 Apr 2016
Betting on the troubled container shipping industry probably makes more sense than investing in it, and a bookmaker would be salivating at the permutations available to the eight shipping lines “orphaned” by the Ocean Alliance that was formed last week.
21 Apr 2016
Forwarders and shippers have expressed concern that the vessel grouping reshuffle that began with the formation of Ocean Alliance will leave customers with fewer choices and widespread service changes, but did not expect service contracts to be affected.
19 Apr 2016
CMA CGM, China Cosco Shipping, Evergreen Line and OOCL on Wednesday morning are expected to announce in Shanghai that they will form a shipping alliance, a move aimed at blunting the power of the major vessel-sharing agreement between the two largest global container lines, Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Co.