Coast Guard: "Things went well" for ISPS

Coast Guard: "Things went well" for ISPS

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Coast Guard personnel inspected 79 foreign vessels, and turned away or ordered six to leave a U.S. port on Thursday, the first day the agency began enforcing new anti-terror rules under the International Ship and Port Security Code and the Maritime Transportation Security Act.

All told, 270 foreign flags arrived at U.S. ports, 154 of them had passed their Coast Guard security review before July 1.

"Things went well on Thursday," said spokeswoman Jolie Shifflet. "Part of our success was the number of vessels we boarded before July 1."

The Coast Guard's policy is to board a vessel on its first call after July 1, to verify its security certificate and security plan.

Among U.S.-flag ships and port facilities subject to MTSA, the Coast Guard restricted 42 vessels and closed 19 facilities for non-compliance.

-- R.G. Edmonson in Washington