LPL Is a Growing Niche

LPL Is a Growing Niche

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Bill Cassidy''s March 10 article on the state of LTL ("The Party''s Over") and the demise of Consolidated Freightways is indicative of how the industry is changing.

While your article focused on the traditional LTL market, it''s worth noting the small package carriers, such as United Parcel Service, are carving out a new industry niche - less-than-pallet-load. An LPL shipment is typically multipiece, up to 1,000 pounds, and picked up at one location and bound for a single destination.

The niche is growing, particularly since logistics and procurement managers are ordering more conservatively to maximize case flow and minimize inventory storage costs. Customers tell us they want more choices. With UPS''s broad portfolio of services, they have more choices than ever.

One such choice within the LPL niche is UPS Hundredweight Service, which offers various advantages over traditional LTL, including competitive rates, a significantly lower fuel surcharge, no need for pallets or shrink wrap, and full shipment visibility down to the individual package.

In short, it''s a business model difference. And there''s room on the road for both LTL and LPL shipping options, a choice to be considered.

Rick Campana

V.P. of Corporate Marketing

United Parcel Service