Letters: TSA's premature decline

Letters: TSA's premature decline

TSA it may be setting the federal record for the agency that ossified into a bureaucracy faster than any other agency ("DHS takes over key security programs," Feb. 6) .

I worked in the office of the secretary at the Department of Transportation in 1971, when DOT was just four years old and with its second secretary. It was an exciting place with a lot of young professionals (I was just 35) who really believed we were going to make the country better from a transportation standpoint. Within just a couple of more years, most of those people, myself included, were gone and DOT became what you see today.

TSA appears as though it were born this way.

Lawrence H. Kaufman

Golden, Colo.

Kaufman, a long-time contributor to The Journal of Commerce, is a columnist for Trains magazine.