IDC deserves 'Charleston 5' credit

Joseph Bonney's review of the book, "On the Global Waterfront: The Fight to Free the Charleston 5" (JoC, March 24) incorrectly credited the International Transport Workers Federation and their Spanish affiliate that helped win the fight to free the Charleston 5.

In fact, it was La Coordinadora, the Spanish affiliate of the International Dockworkers' Council (IDC), whose solidarity action aided the Charleston longshore union in signing a contract with Nordana Line and later freeing the Charleston 5. It was that act of solidarity that convinced the Charleston longshore union and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union to join the more militant IDC.

I would agree that the authors frame this labor dispute against a backdrop of globalization and racism in South Carolina. But that is precisely what makes the book a good read, putting this struggle in a historical and class perspective.

It tells the truth about the defeated Liverpool, England, dockers' struggle, a fight against capitalist globalization that rekindled the flame of international labor solidarity, built the IDC and laid the basis for a victory in Charleston.

Jack Heyman

ILWU Local 10