Column's opinion on rail trailers is off track

Before Roger Miller was traveling the rails looking at a "trailer for sale or rent," the Vermont Railway was well under way on working to help create new opportunities for the rail industry - called piggyback. In reading Ted Prince's June 6 column, I find his opinions without merit, AND since we are quoting others, I think you know the quote regarding opinions.

Back in 1964 we were welcomed to the party, and we still are today! I would like to know the "several" railroads that will not accept free-running trailers; I know of BNSF and Canadian Pacific, which isn't much of a U.S. intermodal player. So I ask, who else has announced they will no longer take trailers?

Rail carriers not wanting to manage trailers? Oh, really? The trailer decision reflects a new economics? Interesting!

As asset owners who are working with the industry, growing the industry and being invited to more than our share of parties, we who are left in the business do not need the two cents' worth. It's really not welcomed, and certainly doesn't help those of us who are here to increase the market and add value. I've never been to Pebble Beach to set up a tee time. Instead, I'm running around the country doing damage control from the misinformed outsider opinions.

Since there are only a few "rail trailer suppliers" left in this game, we don't need a lesson from those who have never been on the playing field. Those who know, do; those who don't, preach.

Ted, when you become an asset owner, make investments and meet with all the players in the industry on a regular basis, please feel free to make your opinions known. Until then, if you need something to write about, here's my watch; tell me what time it is in France!

Eric F. Moffett

Vermont Railway

East Windsor, Conn.