Experience counts - or at least it should

Joe Bonney's March 22-28 column (on the bleak job market for older logistics professionals) made me gasp, laugh and get teary-eyed. As someone who has been in this business since January 1959, I do feel quite ancient. But I am not ready for the "farm."

I gasped because the majority of what you've stated is unfortunately true. This is an age where experience does not count as much as lower salaries. I laughed when I read that "past 50" is considered a detriment instead of an asset. And lastly, a little tear for a nostalgic thought about my many, many friends who did retire and then expired.

If, or perhaps more correctly, when the U.S. government raises the retirement age, what can the veterans of an industry that they have contributed to expect? There is still something to be said about elderly wisdom, personal integrity and folks who have actually seen the inside of a vessel, been on a pier in some frigid part of the world, sat on the jump seat of a cargo aircraft or remember the "huge Lancer-class vessels" of U.S. Lines!

Howard Leff, president

7M Transport Inc.