Agreement Announced to Provide a North American Interoperability HUB

Agreement Announced to Provide a North American Interoperability HUB

Jul 22, 2013

DENVER, CO – The Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI) and Secure Interagency Flow LLC (SIF, an Egis projects/sanef its america joint venture) announce their agreement for the supply, implementation and operation of the nationwide North American interoperability HUB for billing the motorists for tolls, based on license plate camera reads and transponders.  The terms of the agreement were approved at a special ATI board meeting on July 19, 2013.  Agencies can enroll in the program starting September 2013, and the system will start operations by the end of the year.

ATI was founded in 2009 to promote and implement interoperability between states for the benefit of customers and member agencies.  Its membership has grown to forty three (43) toll road operators from the United States and Canada. 

JJ Eden, President and CEO of ATI, said “ATI’s mission is becoming increasingly important as electronic non-stop toll systems are being planned and implemented across North America.  The development of this HUB is one of ATI’s most significant initiatives”.

International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) Executive Director and CEO Pat Jones said, “This is an important development on the path to nationwide interoperability of electronic toll collection systems that could help knit together regions of tolling interoperability that are not currently interoperable with one another and make traveling easier for motorists.”

Rob Horr, Executive Director of the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority in Alexandria Bay, NY, and President of IBTTA said, “Nationwide interoperability is one of our most important goals and the ATI HUB is one potential pathway that could help us get there. We salute ATI on this important initiative.”

In addition to the provision of a HUB for toll transaction matching and exchanges, the North American interoperability agreement allows for additional services such as financial reconciliation or dispute resolution. It paves the way for the future implementation of other services such as violation enforcement or license plate data lookup.  The future HUB will have the ability to interchange transactions in real time with related industry HUBs (such as parking, transit and fast food) thus providing the public a seamless transportation account with expanded customer services and conveniences. These services further enhance the ability of toll agencies to reduce operating costs, while providing additional convenience and services to their customers as large volumes of transactions are expected to be processed through the HUB.

Secure Interagency Flow LLC is a joint venture between sanef its america Inc. and Egis Projects, Inc., two major global companies in the tolling industry. 

sanef its has wide experience in designing, integrating and operating state-of-the-art toll systems that optimize revenue collection for authorities. Supported by sanef group, a leading operator and toll roads concessionaire. sanef its is a key provider of systems and services that address all tolling schemes and technologies throughout the world.

Over the last twenty (20) years, Egis Projects has firmly established its global leadership in motorway and road mobility, toll system operation and maintenance, and traffic and safety management with presently thirty-five (35) operating and service contracts in 17 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. 

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