Tucker Company Worldwide

09 Mar 2020
Shippers with an eye on instability in US markets are considering innovative contract terms, including the use of volume guarantees and flexible rates.
05 Apr 2019
A drop in the number of truckers at the smallest US trucking companies could indicate a market shift toward large carriers as spot truckload rates seek bottom.
27 Mar 2017
QualifiedCarriers.com data show more smaller trucking firms entering market as big carriers cut capacity.
08 Apr 2016
The truck driver shortage is more a problem for large trucking operators, as the total number of drivers and small fleets grows, said Jeff Tucker, chairman of the Transportation Intermediaries Association and head of Tucker Company Worldwide.
14 Sep 2014
Despite reports of tight truckload capacity, the number of 'active' trucking firms is rising steadily, QualifiedCarriers.com reports.
24 May 2013
Tucker Company Worldwide has opened its first Texas sales office in Houston.
20 Feb 2013
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has appointed Jeffrey Tucker to its Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee’s CSA subcommittee.
29 Oct 2012
A third-party freight broker urges shippers in the Northeast to call with plans to close operations or reschedule freight deliveries during Hurricane Sandy.
26 Oct 2012
Hurricane Sandy could disrupt shipping across the nation next week, forcing trucking companies to alter routes on the Eas