Norbert Dentressangle


Norbert Dentressangle maintains a headquarters in Lyon, France. It has 37,700 employees in 56 offices spread across 14 countries on three different continents. The company provides freight forwarding, supply chain management and supply chain solutions in addition to other logistics services.

The company has made acquisitions a key part of its growth strategy, doubling its size with just one move in 2007. The acquisition of Daher’s Freight Forwarding gave the company a foothold in Russia, while the acquisition of Fiege Logistics operations in southern Europe strengthened its position in Spain, from which 10 percent of its revenue is derived. The majority of the company’s revenue comes from France and England. They are responsible for 60 and 40 percent of Norbert Dentressangle’s revenue respectively. 

04 Sep 2015
Hervé Montjotin, who led Norbert Dentressangle before its acquisition by XPO Logistics earlier this year, has abruptly resigned from the position of CEO of XPO Logistics Europe.
01 Jun 2015
XPO Logistics raised $1.26 billion from institutional investors and plans a $2 billion bond sale to help finance its latest acquisitions and prepare for more.
28 Apr 2015
The acquisition of French logistics giant Norbert Dentressangle will create new global opportunities for XPO, boosting its annual revenue to $8.5 billion.
02 Mar 2015
Norbert Dentressangle’s operating profit surged 18.6 percent in 2014 as it reaped an early benefit from its $750 million acquisition of Jacobson, the fourth largest U.S. logistics group.
30 Jan 2015
Norbert Dentressangle’s 2014 revenue grew 15.8 percent from the previous year to 4.7 billion euros ($4.2 billion) as the French logistics and transport group accelerated its international expansion with a major U.S. acquisition.
31 Jul 2014
Norbert Dentressangle’s $750 million acquisition of Iowa-based Jacobson Companies not only gives the European logistics giant a larger footprint in a faster-growing economy but also one with more supply chain management outsourcing potential.
Norbert Dentressangle rose to 24th from 29th after acquiring Fiege’s logistics operations in Italy, Spain and Portugal.
21 Apr 2014
The world’s largest third-party logistics providers showed minuscule growth in 2013 for the second consecutive year, as sluggish trade growth affected forwarding volume and other 3PL segments saw only modest increases.
01 Nov 2013
Norbert Dentressangle reported its total revenue in the third quarter of 2013 was €1.0 billion (about US$1.4 billion) increasing 6.2 percent from €967 million...
01 Oct 2013
Norbert Dentressangle’s acquisition of Daher Group’s freight forwarding activities has been completed, following French competition authorities’ approval of the deal.
16 Jul 2013
Norbert Dentressangle has agreed to acquire the freight forwarding activities of the Daher Group, which has eight agencies in France and three in Russia.
10 Jul 2013
Norbert Dentressangle has entered into a 50-50 joint venture with the Danone Group to offer temperature-controlled logistics services for fresh products across Russia.
Norbert Dentressangle CEO Hervé Montjotin traveled to London to ring the opening bell for NYSE Euronext London.
05 Jul 2013
Norbert Dentressangle’s ordinary shares have been admitted to listing on the standard listing segment of the Official List, and to trading on NYSE Euronext London, the regulated market operated by LIFFE Administration and Management, under the symbol “GND.”
04 Jun 2013
The European Commission has approved a proposed joint venture between OJSC Unimilk Company of Russia, part of Danone Group, and NDL International, part of Norbert Dentressangle Group, both of France.
29 May 2013
Norbert Dentressangle has acquired Fiege’s logistics operations in Italy, Spain and Portugal to strengthen its position in Southern Europe, in line with its development strategy.
25 Apr 2013
Norbert Dentressangle reported turnover in the first quarter of 2013 was €949 million (about US$1.234 billion), down 1 percent year-over-year.
24 Apr 2013
Norbert Dentressangle’s freight forwarding division has opened a second office in Rio de Janeiro, about two years after its launch in Latin America.
23 Apr 2013
The logistics division of Norbert Dentressangle in Ukraine has opened a new warehouse in Kiev, in line with the supply chain management company’s expansion strategy in Eastern Europe.
15 Mar 2013
Norbert Dentressangle reported that its freight forwarding division in Chile, which launched 18 months ago, handled 1,500 metric tons of blueberries and cherries from Chile to the U.S., China and Europe in December 2012...
05 Mar 2013
Norbert Dentressangle’s freight forwarding division has established a new office in Vietnam.
27 Feb 2013
Norbert Dentressangle reported its net income in 2012 was €74.7 million (about US$97.8 million), jumping 18 percent year-over-year from $82.9 million.
David Charvier (left), director of Norbert Dentressangle’s refrigerated site at Miramas, with Philippe Parisot, account manager at Mercedez-Benz France.
26 Feb 2013
Norbert Dentressangle has taken delivery of a second Mercedes-Benz Atego BlueTec Hybrid 1222 L, the first hybrid truck specifically designed to transport fresh and frozen produce under controlled temperature.
30 Jan 2013
Norbert Dentressangle, the French transport and logistics group, posted revenues of 3.88 billion euros ($ 5.24 billion) i
07 Dec 2012
European spply chain management company Norbert Dentressangle has acquired part of the warehousing and general cargo freight forwarding activities of Belgium-based maritime logistics company Nova Natie.