Norbert Dentressangle

Norbert Dentressangle maintains a headquarters in Lyon, France. It has 37,700 employees in 56 offices spread across 14 countries on three different continents. The company provides freight forwarding, supply chain management and supply chain solutions in addition to other logistics services.

Transportation and logistics services each consist of 48 percent of Norbert Dentressangle’s turnover. Freight forwarding makes up only 4 percent of the company’s revenue as the company only began to offer it in 2010. Norbert Dentressangle posted revenues of approximately $2.8 billion in 2013, placing the company at No. 24 on JOC’s Top 40 Global 3PLs.

The company has made acquisitions a key part of its growth strategy, doubling its size with just one move in 2007. The acquisition of Daher’s Freight Forwarding gave the company a foothold in Russia, while the acquisition of Fiege Logistics operations in southern Europe strengthened its position in Spain, from which 10 percent of its revenue is derived. The majority of the company’s revenue comes from France and England. They are responsible for 60 and 40 percent of Norbert Dentressangle’s revenue respectively.