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07 Dec 2020
Intermodal executives want to address the chronic congestion issues in 2020 with railroads and BCOs, but universally accepted solutions are hard to come by.
05 Nov 2020
Rebid freight now or wait for what may be a calmer first quarter? That’s the question US truck shippers face, Echo Global Logistics chairman and CEO Doug Waggoner says.
03 Apr 2020
Surging e-commerce volumes continued to drive growth among the 50 largest global logistics providers in 2019, but excluding Amazon, revenue not only decelerated, it actually fell from the previous year.
06 Feb 2020
Despite trucking companies and brokers saying capacity is “rightsizing,” spot rates have not increased in tandem with volume and shippers could secure contract rate reductions for 2020.
30 Oct 2019
Large truckload carriers continue to shed trucks, according to the JOC Truckload Capacity Index. Logistics providers, however, report ample available truck capacity.
08 May 2019
Historically, intermodal rail has offered a slower, lower-cost option for shippers, but with truckload prices falling, intermodal rail is now more expensive than trucking in some secondary markets.
Amazon ranks #1 in top 50 global 3PLs
20 Apr 2019
Although the e-commerce giant doesn't describe itself as a third-party logistics provider (3PL), Amazon has surpassed major global players such as DHL and Kuehne + Nagel in 3PL revenue.
A truck travels on a US highway.
10 Dec 2018
Automating often ignored ‘behind-the-scenes’ systems can bring big benefits, including savings and improved customer service, says Echo Global Logistics CEO Doug Waggoner.
A truck travels on a US highway.
07 Dec 2018
Echo Global Logistics CEO Doug Waggoner expects a ‘healthy’ freight market in 2019, but he said shippers should watch inventory levels for a pertinent reason.
Echo Global Logistics.
08 Feb 2018
As the electronic logging era begins, Echo Global Logistics warns shippers transit times are getting longer and costs are rising in shorter trucking lanes.
27 Oct 2017
Third-quarter earnings reports reveal across-the-board increases in transportation rates, with little sign pressure will ease soon.
16 Oct 2017
Technology cannot replace personal relationships, but greater automation can help smooth processes, Echo Global Logistics CEO Waggoner says.
13 Oct 2017
It will not happen overnight, but experts believe supply chains and transportation will become increasingly automated and more efficient as technology enables real-time exchange and analysis of vast amounts of data thanks to
16 Feb 2017
Echo Global Logistics sees need for even more optimization and analytics as online shopping begins to transform not just final-mile delivery but also middle-mile transport choices.
Truckload revenue per load was down 15 percent in the second quarter at Echo Global Logistics, but mergers and acquisitions kept the company in the black overall.
28 Jul 2016
The acquisition of Command Transportation last year is helping Echo Global Logistics gain truckload brokerage market share.
13 Jul 2016
Established logistics companies and brokers could partner with digital start-ups to speed the "evolution" of technology demanded by shippers, the CEO of Echo Global Logistics says.
05 Feb 2016
Echo Global Logistics revenue and net revenue in fourth quarter rose on the the company’s recent acquisition of Command Transportation, but related integration costs dragged down profit by double digits.
06 Aug 2015
Echo Global Logistics’ profits took a tumble in the second quarter after the recent acquisition of Command Transportation in April. Revenues and volumes, however, were significantly higher and look to buoy future loss -— a testament to the success a third-party logistics provider can find in consolidation.
19 Feb 2015
Multimodal logistics operator XPO sees opportunities as well as challenges in the West Coast container pileup, as shippers struggle to move freight inland.
12 Jan 2015
Total Quality Logistics increased total revenue 31.3 percent in 2014 to $2.1 billion as the U.S. economy grew faster and shippers came up short on truck capacity.
31 Jul 2014
After hitting record gross revenue and net revenue in the second quarter, Echo Global Logistics sees more opportunity in helping shippers secure space in an increasingly tightening market.
21 May 2014
Echo Global Logistics’ $37.3 million acquisition of the Watsonville, California-based transportation brokerage firm One Stop Logistics this week is expected to help the third-party logistics provider increase its domestic less-than-truckload brokerage business.
29 Apr 2014
A surge in business during the first quarter carried over into April at Echo Global Logistics, as shippers turned to the third-party logistics provider for trucks.
25 Oct 2013
Echo Global Logistics reported record profit of $4.4 million in the third quarter of 2013, a 90.8 percent jump from $2.3 million in the third quarter of 2012.
08 Oct 2013
Echo Global Logistics has announced three internal promotions, naming Dave Menzel as chief operating officer, Kyle Sauers as CFO and Evan Schumacher as chief commercial officer, effective immediately.
25 Jul 2013
Echo Global Logistics reported net income in the second quarter of 2013 totaling $3.9 million, up 3 percent from $3.8 million in the second quarter of 2012.
25 Apr 2013
Echo Global Logistics today reported its net income in the first quarter of 2013 was $2.98 million, dropping from $3.31 million in the first quarter of 2012.
19 Mar 2013
Echo Global Logistics has acquired Open Mile, a Boston-based non-asset transportation service provider that combines high tech automation with freight management services.
28 Feb 2013
Echo Global Logistics has appointed Michael Reed, its interim chief technology officer, as the official CTO. He has served as interim CTO since April 2012.
08 Feb 2013
Chicago-based Echo Global Logistics reported its net income in the fourth quarter of 2012 was $3.5 million, falling 0.8 percent compared with the fourth quarter of 2011.
02 Jan 2013
Chicago-based Echo Global Logistics has named David Habiger to its board of directors, effective Dec. 28, 2012, in coordination with Eric P. Lefkofsky’s departure from the board of directors.
26 Oct 2012
Echo Global Logistics reported income in the third quarter of $3.82 million, increasing 12.9 percent from last year’s $3.38 million during the same period.
05 Jun 2012
Echo Global Logistics acquired the assets of Plum Logistics, a refrigerated truckload freight brokerage in Wakefield, Mass., doing business as Purple Plum.
27 Apr 2012
A 21.9 percent jump in freight brokerage propelled Echo Global Logistics' profit in the first quarter to $3.1 million, up 42.9 percent year-over-year.
02 Apr 2012
Echo Global Logistics is expanding its offices in Arizona to accommodate the addition of employees through the acquisition of Advantage Transport.
27 Feb 2012
Chicago, the hub around which so many of the nation’s transportation assets spin, is home to two non-asset transport operators whose rapid growth underscores a significant shift in how U.S.