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DSV operates air, land, and sea logistics services. Begun by the merger of 10 independent Danish haulers, DSV has remained true to its Nordic heritage, maintaining a headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, though DSV’s 22,000 employees can be found in 75 countries.

DSV truck on rural road
08 Feb 2018
DSV has posted its best ever financial result after a strong improvement in volume across its three divisions.
26 Oct 2017
DSV has been making the most out of a resurgent air freight market and continuing synergies earned through the acquisition of UTi.
02 Aug 2017
DSV booked record earnings in the second quarter.
02 May 2017
The Danish trucker and freight forwarder’s earnings before interest and tax soared to 875 million krone ($128.2 million).
10 Feb 2017
“It is impossible to talk about 2016 without saying UTi a great many times.”
01 Nov 2016
DSV’s operating profit surged 18 percent in the third quarter as ocean, air, and ground freight posted solid growth.
The acquisition of UTi Worlwide made DSV the world’s fourth-largest freight forwarder and the benefits of the deal are being felt sooner than anticipated.
05 Aug 2016
DSV’s second-quarter profit rose as it “neutralized” the operating deficit of recently acquired UTi Worldwide.