C.H. Robinson Worldwide

C.H. Robinson Worldwide has 11,000 employees and access to more than 63,000 transporters the world over. The services it provides include freight transportation and logistics, produce sourcing, and outsource solutions.

22 Sep 2020
A new service from C.H. Robinson could replace the annual truckload bidding process with a more dynamic approach to procuring trucks and increasing savings across networks of freight lanes.
13 Dec 2012
Third-party logistics company C.H. Robinson Worldwide today announced that Senior Vice President Jim Butts will retire on Dec. 31, after 34 years with the company.
20 Nov 2012
Transportation and logistics company C.H.
25 Oct 2012
C.H. Robinson reported its profit in the third quarter was $116.33 million, up 1.7 percent year-over-year from $114.35 million in 2011.
22 Oct 2012
Dutch customs recently granted C.H. Robinson Europe BV Authorized Economic Operator certification, meaning the company is regarded as a reliable trade partner.
18 Oct 2012
C.H. Robinson Worldwide exited the freight payment business by selling T-Chek for $302.5 million. Robinson, a $10.3 billion company, is expanding overseas logistics and forwarding services.
05 Oct 2012
C.H. Robinson Worldwide sent a clear message about its global ambitions with the $635 million purchase of freight forwarder Phoenix International. The acquisition nearly doubles the size of C.H.
02 Oct 2012
Logistics company C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
25 Sep 2012
C.H. Robinson Worldwide acquired freight forwarder Phoenix International for $571.5 million in cash and about $63.5 million in new C.H. Robinson stock.
07 Sep 2012
C.H. Robinson Worldwide has agreed to acquire Warsaw-based Apreo Logistics.
25 Jul 2012
14 May 2012
When trucking companies are stung by rising costs, third-party logistics providers share their pain, very quickly.
25 Apr 2012
C.H. Robinson Worldwide moved more freight in the first quarter, but higher trucking costs bit into the non-asset logistics company’s truckload net margin.
13 Feb 2012
C.H. Robinson Worldwide is putting 500 new intermodal containers into its U.S. shipping network as the freight broker seeks to add greater flexibility in shifting business between modes.
01 Feb 2012
Strong truckload demand pushed revenue up 10.4 percent in the fourth quarter to $2.6 billion at C.H. Robinson Worldwide, the largest U.S. freight broker.
21 Jan 2012
26 Oct 2011
Increases in truck and intermodal volume and pricing pushed C.H.
28 Sep 2011
C.H. Robinson Worldwide acquired Timco Worldwide, one of the largest melon sourcing and distribution companies in North America and Latin America, for an undisclosed sum.
27 Jul 2011
Third-party logistics and brokerage giant C.H.
23 May 2011
Third-party logistics company C.H.
27 Apr 2011
Truck rates and volume outpaced first-quarter cost increases at C.H. Robinson Worldwide, bolstering the non-asset transportation giant's revenue and profit.
14 Mar 2011
The momentum many U.S. third-party logistics providers and freight brokers reported at the end of 2010 appears to be extending into 2011. C.H. Robinson, the largest domestic 3PL in the U.S.
14 Feb 2011
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, the nation’s largest truck freight broker, says the domestic shipping market’s momentum from 2010 is extending into this year.
02 Feb 2011
Higher shipment volume helped boost C.H. Robinson's profit 17.6 percent in the fourth quarter to $103.2 million as revenue rose 15.8 percent to $2.3 billion.
12 Jan 2011
In today's slow-growth environment, customers expect their transportation service providers to help them attain a competitive advantage, and that involves developing innovative solutions based on best
27 Oct 2010