Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Coverage of developments in the global supply chain, including changes in sourcing patterns.


Creating efficient, compliant trade processes is essential for competing in today’s global economy, yet many businesses still struggle to gain control over their customs operations.

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23 Oct 2019
Mexican auto production, domestic vehicle sales, and imports of autos through the country’s ports have all fallen this year, and IHS Markit predicts sales and production will be flat next year, likely limiting growth in auto-related supply chains.
05 Jun 2019
Despite predictions of a 3.9 percent increase in Canada’s container trade in 2019, there are multiple factors that could reduce the figure, including the US-China trade war.
30 May 2019
The recent escalation in the US-China trade war has American multinational companies considering more cost-effective sourcing markets, but finding a comparable alternative to China is no easy task.
01 May 2019
US importers paying tariffs might have some remedies at their disposal to limit their financial obligation, but many don’t know their options and are leaving valuable savings on the table.
13 Mar 2019
Senior Europe Editor Greg Knowler on the impact the United Kingdom's European Union exit will potentially have on logistics, in particular the post-Brexit reality of customs inspections for all goods crossing the English Channel.