We've all heard about cloning. They've done it with sheep and cows, but now it can be done with hard drives.

The folks at Logicube have been letting me play with their Solitaire unit ($845), which can make an exact copy of a hard drive in a matter of minutes. In fact, I was able to copy five gigabytes of data from an 11 gigabyte drive to a 40 gigabyte drive in less than three minutes. The speed at which I was copying, according to the unit, was 838 megabytes per minute. Multi-megabytes faster than if I had done it the old fashioned way.And, the clone worked perfectly.

The process is fairly simple. All I had to do was insert the drive I wanted copied into the unit. I attached power and an IDE cable to it, closed the lid and then attached the target drive (the one I wanted all the data copied to) to the outside of the unit, also using power and IDE cables. I plugged the drive into a wall outlet, hit the start button on the unit twice, and it did the job.

Of course this isn't for the average home user. But, if you have a bunch of computers that have to be running identical software and operating systems, this baby can be a lifesaver.

The unit can also:

* Recover and scan for specific data on the master drive.

* Wipe a drive so that data can never be recovered.

* Clone a drive that's still in a computer using the parallel cable.

* Copy data from specific partitions.

It comes with everything you need, including two special IDE cables, two power cables a parallel cable, a screwdriver and a flashlight and a nylon case to hold everything.

Logicube also makes the Replique that can copy data to up to 15 drives at once. Prices range from $1,995 for a unit that can copy data to two drives, to $9,995 for one that can handle 15.

I'll bet you can tell when someone is using a portable telephone. Its the annoying static that gives it away. Well I've been playing with the CT10 cordless phone ($129.99) from Plantronics and I dare anyone to tell the difference between its sound quality and the sound quality from a normal land-line telephone.

The CT10 comes with a headset and a small unit (which is actually the battery and phone) that clips onto your belt, so you're free to go almost anywhere around the house, or office, and can stay connected.

The 900 megahertz phone can operate anywhere within 150 feet of the base unit, which also charges the phone's battery. It has all the stuff you'd expect from a standard telephone: a mute buttone and a 10-number memory. But there's also stuff you wouldn't expect, such as the noise-cancelling headset and microphone, an average of six hours of talk time before it has to be recharged, and a small telephone that can fit in the palm of your hand. It will also scan 40 channels automatically to give you the clearest signal, beep at you when its out of range or the battery is low and has a page/find feature in case you leave it under a couch pillow and can't find it.