14 Jun 2017
Throughput at the country’s ports grew faster than expected.
11 Apr 2017
Direct links with Taiwan and South Korea would boost the economies of northern and central Luzon, the largest and most populous island in the Philippines.
28 Feb 2017
China is investigating new port infrastructure investments in the Philippines as it seeks to advance its Belt and Road program, respond to investment calls from Manila, and expand its influence in the South China Sea.
02 Jan 2017
Southeast Asia’s port scene is incredibly dynamic, and 2017 will be a year of significant changes with big implications for shippers.
17 Nov 2016
The Philippines approved the start of work on a proposed container port in Cebu.
26 Oct 2016
Port officials in Manila said a new terminal appointment and booking system has substantially reduced the possibility of congestion that has plagued port facilities in the city for the past two years.
18 Oct 2016
The port is operating close to capacity with berth utilization over 90 percent.
13 Jun 2016
Japanese logistics firm SG Holdings has secured two strategic business partners in Southeast Asia.
16 Feb 2016
Philippine agricultural shippers are awaiting an exemption from the Metro Manila peak-time truck ban for vehicles registered under the Terminal Appointment Booking System, an electronic platform aimed at eliminating truck congestion.
12 Oct 2015
The first stage expansion of Yard 7 at Manila International Container Terminal Services (MICT) will be completed by the end of the year, increasing the terminal’s import capacity by 18 percent.
05 Oct 2015
A container booking system has gone live at Manila International Container Terminal in what port operator International Container Terminal Services Inc. believes will avoid a repeat of the chronic congestion that brought operations to a standstill for most of 2014.