11 Apr 2017
The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund will announce the winner at the next meeting of its directors.
08 Apr 2016
The Greek government today officially sold the country’s largest port, Piraeus, to China’s Cosco Group, prompting striking dockers to stage a protest march through downtown Athens.
30 Mar 2016
Cosco Pacific’s decision to commit more than $1 billion at the beginning of the year to acquire control of the port of Piraeus, once a sleepy and inefficient backwater, is already looking like a winning investment.
21 Mar 2016
Greece has delayed the March 21deadline for initial bids for state-owned freight and passenger rail company Trainose.
16 Mar 2016
Cosco Pacific is being hotly tipped to clinch the bid for Greece’s state-owned rail operator just weeks after winning control of the nation’s largest port of Piraeus, a top Mediterranean container hub.
03 Feb 2016
Greek ports will come to a standstill Thursday for the third time this year as dockers, seamen and tug crews join a nationwide, general, 24-hour strike.
26 Jan 2016
Greek ports will be brought to a standstill by a 48-hour strike tomorrow, the second two day walkout in two weeks.
21 Jan 2016
Greece has accepted a “significantly improved” offer from China’s Cosco Group for the state’s majority stake in the Piraeus Port Authority.
12 Jan 2016
Greece today confirmed Cosco Pacific is the only bidder for a majority stake in the Piraeus Port Authority and immediately asked the Chinese company to submit an improved offer for control of the nation’s largest port.
22 Dec 2015
China’s Cosco Pacific is reportedly the only company that has submitted a bid for a 51 percent stake in the state-owned port of Piraeus.
09 Dec 2015
Greece has postponed the deadline for binding offers for the port of Piraeus yet again, fuelling further doubts over the privatization of the country’s leading container hub.