Barges travel near the Rotterdam port.
07 Nov 2018
Executives from Imperial Logistics International participated in a wide-ranging question and answer session concerning the mounting intermodal transport challenges facing shippers and forwarders moving cargo around Europe.
Dominik Stehle, Zeamarine.
01 Nov 2018
Effective in February, Stehle will focus on business development, key accounts, and managing large projects, as well as supporting organizational restructuring efforts that began earlier in 2018.
Kai Von Taube, Zeamarine.
29 Oct 2018
Von Taube will assume the role of director, Zeamarine, during the fourth quarter of 2018, taking over responsibilities from Irich Ulrichs, including Zeamarine's tramp and liner services.
A barge on the Rhine River.
26 Oct 2018
The low water has stopped all barge transport on a huge section of the critical European waterway stretching between Kaub and the Swiss town of Basel, leaving high and dry shippers scrambling for truck transport that is in critically short supply.
A barge travels at the port of Antwerp
25 Oct 2018
The Rhine River is now lower than the previous record levels set in 2003 as the dry spell that began in August has extended through October, and barges cannot travel past Ludwigshafen, south of Frankfurt.
A rail freight yard in France.
18 Oct 2018
This could be the best of times for Europe’s rail freight operators: the dominant trucking sector is short drivers and capacity, fuel prices are rising, and toll roads are boosting rates; meanwhile, barges still face congestion at Rotterdam and Antwerp. But can rail seize the day?
Rotterdam port.
03 Oct 2018
Rising transportation costs, the driver shortage, and accompanying rail and barge congestion have created challenging times for Europe’s shippers, to say the least. And then there’s the Brexit summit in two weeks.
Rhine-Alpine Gateway.
02 Oct 2018
The Rhine-Alpine Gateway is one of Europe’s most important rail routes connecting the Mediterranean ports with the economic heartland of Central Europe, handling half of the trade between northern Europe and Italy via Switzerland.
Port of Dover.
27 Sep 2018
With 14,000 trucks crossing the UK-EU border every day and 53 percent of UK imports originating in Europe, shippers and logistics service providers are planning for the consequences of lengthy delays at border points should negotiations not result in a Brexit deal.
Port of Oakland.
25 Sep 2018
“Integrators are moving up the chain — they used to focus on last mile, but more and more are focusing on long-haul legs. Customers [such as Amazon and Alibaba] are becoming competitors,” Ulrik Sanders, senior partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Group, told attendees at JOC’s Container Trade Europe conference in Hamburg last week.
Less-than-containerload freight.
24 Sep 2018
Three of the largest companies in the less-than-containerload (LCL) market said at's Container Trade Europe Conference in Hamburg last week that while there are opportunities to keep momentum for LCL going, they are ultimately subject to underlying full containerload rate levels.