18 Aug 2017
There were 12 vessels waiting to enter the port Friday morning.
14 Aug 2017
The government of Bangladesh has been rushing to provide relief to the port of Chittagong.
08 Aug 2017
“The congestion in Chittagong port has gone beyond the tolerable limit.”
04 Aug 2017
US cotton exporters say that although Bangladesh is a growing market, its port congestion and lack of direct services adds complexity to their supply chains.
03 Aug 2017
The port authority has also commenced 24/7 operations to ease the backlog of containers.
02 Aug 2017
The Bangladesh government is welcoming private sector investments in inland container terminals.
24 Jul 2017
Container ships' average time in port for the month of July rose more than three hours in just the last week.
21 Jul 2017
"It’s unethical,” says the Shippers Council of Bangladesh chairman.
19 Jul 2017
The congestion appears to be worsening.
17 Jul 2017
“The coastal shipping deal will reduce cost as well as time. To us, time is also money.”