Puerto Nuevo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
14 Sep 2018
Some argue the planned roughly $1.4 billion upgrade will make the port more efficient, with modern services for shippers that should reduce cargo processing time, while others argue it concentrates terminal ownership too much.
A steel mill.
07 Sep 2018
To say that the Trump administration’s steel tariffs and quotas have upset the global steel market would be an understatement, as nations who have hit their quotas are scrambling for new markets, and US importers are searching for new sources of affordably priced steel.
A Cosco ship.
30 Jul 2018
Cosco Shipping Lines was able to contain the damage from last week’s cyber attack to its operations in the Americas, and cargo handling in the United States, Canada, and South America at its marine terminals was largely unaffected because Cosco isolated its internal networks across its global operations.
DP World Argentina Terminal.
29 Jun 2018
Shippers in Argentina, hit Friday by a one-day customs officers' strike in Buenos Aires, had breathed a momentary sigh of relief this week, after truck drivers accepted a 19 percent pay increase and did not strike.
Trucks in Argentina.
12 Jun 2018
By week’s end, truckers are expected to go on strike and blockade Argentina’s main arteries to secure a 27 percent pay increase, which union leaders claim is necessary to cover the nation's inflation rate.
Port Houston.
18 Apr 2018
There are good reasons why participants at the 3rd Annual JOC Gulf Shipping Conference in Houston this week are bullish on US Gulf ports: the region’s growth is outpacing other US coasts, Asian import growth is promising, and the potential exists for Gulf ports to funnel a rebound in Latin American trade. Those are three legitimate growth engines and the resin boom has not even begun yet.
Container ship - Buenos Aires
09 Apr 2018
Argentina’s economy and international trade volumes have disappointed economists and analysts for a decade, but current economic and related conditions suggest that the South American country is headed for a sustained period of economic and trade growth.
Containers at a Brazil installation.
19 Mar 2018
Attendees made the case that Brazil has turned a corner, with trade picking up, and the economy growing, despite Brasilia’s political problems.
The Port of Santos, Brazil.
02 Mar 2018
Shippers were hit especially hard Thursday by the RF strike on the border of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, its Mercosur trade bloc neighbors. There, 200 trucks have been stuck at the border at Ponta Porã, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, since Wednesday morning.
08 Jan 2018
The acquisition was the latest in a series of mergers and acquisitions among customs brokers and forwarders.
15 Dec 2017
Brazilian fruit and coffee exporters seem to be among those worst hit by the strike.