JOC Port Productivity Seminar

December 10, 2013
Metropolitan Room at The Newark Club, Newark, NJ USA



Productivity at North American container terminals runs the gamut from consistently excellent to consistently inadequate yet two points are indisputable: demands for higher productivity are growing, but improvements have lagged. Larger ships are calling North American ports just as shippers are clamoring for efficiency and reliability needed to offset slower transit times. What's needed to improve productivity at North American terminals? What are best practices that can be adapted? What investments are needed? How can they be paid for? What's the impact on cargo owners, truckers and other stakeholders?

The JOC Group Inc. is launching this first-ever Port Productivity Seminar to address what is arguably the most complex yet most important node in the container supply chain. This seminar will examine strategies, technology and practices throughout the container terminal, including the vessel, yard and gate. The one-day event will take place in at the Newark Club in Newark, NJ on Tuesday, December 10, 2013.

The JOC Port Productivity program will consist of a mix of speakers, panel discussions and case studies. In addition, several awards will be given out to ports and terminals based on the recently launched JOC Port Productivity data. The program will be put together by The Journal of Commerce's expert editorial team, including Peter Tirshwell, Chris Brooks, Joe Bonney and Bill Mongelluzzo.

For more information on JOC Port Productivity data, read the whitepaper here. 

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