Echo’s Lone Trucker

Echo’s Lone Trucker

Although Echo Global Logistics is grounded in trucking, “I’m kind of the only trucker here,” CEO Doug Waggoner said. That’s an advantage for Waggoner and Echo.

“In transportation, people tend to grow up in the industry,” he said. “While that breeds a lot of experience and know-how, there’s a tendency maybe not to look at new ideas.”

Echo’s executive team is diverse, he said, with experience in software, procurement, finance and other disciplines. “I’m the one and only trucker.”

Echo’s work force is drawn largely from Chicago-area universities and colleges with supply chain programs, such as Northwestern University. “We’re fortunate to have access to this labor market,” Waggoner said. “Chicago is a vibrant city, and we’re one of the few companies in Chicago that’s been on a hiring spree for four years.”

Prior to joining Echo in 2006, Waggoner was president and CEO of USF Bestway, which was purchased by YRC Worldwide in 2005 and later merged into Reddaway. His career in trucking includes stints with Daylight Transport, Yellow Freight System, Consolidated Freightways and McLean Trucking.

“When I first got here, I thought I knew everything about this business,” he said. “Working here really opened my eyes.”

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