By Design

By Design

Welcome to Traffic World. The magazine you are holding or reading online is, on its surface, a new design that represents a new commitment to bring our readers the kind of information they have come to expect from us but in a more lively, compelling and useful format.

But it's more than that to us.

More than just a surface redesign, our new look reflects the renewed commitment Traffic World has toward providing depth, insight and forward-looking coverage of a logistics industry in the midst of enormous changes.

The redesign is our first since 1996, just eight years ago, but really ages ago in light of the dramatic changes in that time. A revolution in the way information moves around the globe has had a dramatic impact on companies that specialize in information, just as it has changed the way goods are manufactured, bought, sold and shipped.

The changing look at Traffic World reflects an ongoing metamorphosis as the transport world we cover has been buffeted by deregulation, and new trade and technology possibilities have triggered a new array of sophisticated logistics services.

Our redesign is intended to renew that focus and to build on the larger business concerns that confront logistics managers and their partners across the supply chain.

In design and substance, Traffic World's mission is to be the publication that is absolutely necessary for anyone involved in shipping, handling and moving goods in North America and in providing or using the information that goes along with the movement of commerce.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the information they need to know about what is happening in our field and the insight, perspective and analysis that gives that information strategic value. In mission, goal and structure, Traffic World reflects you, our readers. Our coverage of logistics reflects your strategic goals, our reporting on transportation describes its execution and our \insight on government and regulation shows the real world concerns of logistics professionals.

In print, that means more stories, building on our strength as the industry's weekly source of published news. At the same time, we are expanding our commitment to the Web, providing daily news that moves at the speed you demand in your own business.

We are combining logistics and technology coverage under a single umbrella, reflecting the consolidation in a world where shippers now see the technology innovations of the 1990s as integral to the logistics services and execution of the new century.

Our focus on transportation reflects the expertise across the modes that is unique to Traffic World and will bring in new attention to the ways shippers match those services to their special needs.

We also have placed new emphasis on the section called "This Week," giving that section two pages that will reflect both the highlights of each week's publication and include broader information on economic developments and breaking news that will have an impact on the decisions of shippers and their logistics providers.

That is our strategy and our commitment to our readers, by design.