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TBB Global Logistics was pleased to have been featured in Traffic World's Oct. 5 issue ("Friend of the Little Guy"). We would like to clarify a statement made by our long-time, valued client, Mr. Ed Barney of West Coast Novelty Corp.

In the article, Mr. Barney was quoted as saying he proposed the idea to us for Supply Chain Guardian, TBB's innovative, premium level of inbound freight management. In fact, Mr. Barney had some tracking and reporting requirements he asked us to comply with prior to the formation of Supply Chain Guardian. TBB conceived the idea for Supply Chain Guardian independently and introduced it to the clientele in the fall of 2001. At that time, it was decided that Mr. Barney's requirements could best be met by moving him into the "beta group" for Supply Chain Guardian as the first official client of that service.

Samuel R. Polakoff


TBB Global Logistics